Peel me a grape.

Ahh … had my first pedicure of the season today.  It’s not really toe-exposure weather yet, but it’s close.  (In truth, I have pedicures year-round, but I do have more of them in the warmer months.)  And I wasn’t the only person who thought so: my little spot was full tonight!*  There were manicures, pedicures, massages, wax jobs … But for me it was just the big, cushy massage chair and the pedicure.

There’s something so wonderfully pampering about a pedicure.  Having someone spend so much focused time soothing and massaging your feet and calves is so decadent and indulgent.  And perfect.

So here I sit with my toe nails winking a funny irridescent clear mauve up at me.  Every once in a while (or three or four times in a while) you need to be indulgent with yourself!

(* And even with that crowd, Mopsy, the ladies asked after you!  Were your ears burning?)


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10 thoughts on “Peel me a grape.

  1. Sounds wonderful. I love the line about your toenails winking up at you. I first experienced the pampering of a pedicure about two years ago and really don’t know why I waited until I was 40 something to do so! Just caught a glimpse of next weeks weather… I better schedule my appointment too!


    1. I know! I should have been having pedicures my whole life! I had my first one in preparation for a weekend away with my first serious boyfriend. I got it because I knew he wanted me to get it. I didn’t enjoy the experience at all, was too busy worrying that he wouldn’t like the color I’d chosen, to uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger ‘messing with’ my feet. I didn’t have another pedicure for years. I think part of what makes the experience so great now is that I’m not doing it for someone else. I’m there because I want that pedicure, because that pampering is something I enjoy. What a difference it makes when we start doing things for ourselves and not to please or impress others!


  2. Same here. Pedicures and waxing for me. More in the summer and for beach vacations in the winter. Sandals and a ped and a waxing and I feel like I’m a VIP.


    1. Oh, you are a braver woman than I, Bonnie! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have even a centimeter of my skin waxed! I started writing a post about waxing after the pedicure post but got side-tracked by the conference. Maybe I’ll go back and finish it.


  3. aka Mopsy

    I’m glad you got a pedicure, and I’m hoping you’ll be ready for another one when I got back. Don’t even ask how my heels look! It’s a complete disaster.

    ~ Mopsy


  4. Nothing says warm weather like pretty, pretty toes in an interesting color showing off a strappy sandal.

    I am in the pedicurist chair on a regular basis also. As much as I hate shoes? Now that it is getting warmer, it’s a necessity.

    Besides, I know that annual rite of warm weather notice “Ladies It’s Time To Take Care Of Yo Crusty Feet!” should be making the email rounds any day now. I laugh and cringe at the pictures every time I see it. I don’t open it one year and find it’s my tootsies highlighted in some secret footage (footage – hah!) of what not to do to your feet. So yes, I am making gosh darn sure (that’s a nod to your colleague Stacie :)) that my little piggies make it to the pedicure market.


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