She’s no April Fool.

Today is Fox’s birthday.  Fox is almost exactly five and a half years younger than I am, so she’s been in my life a long time.  We have history.

  • Staying up after bedtime to play games we invented that could somehow be played together though we were in our beds across the room from one another
  • Falling asleep to the weird easy-listening radio station our mother liked us to listen to (Green Fields, anyone?)
  • Going to so many concerts (Depeche Mode, Sting, Live Aid, Peter Gabriel, Midnight Oil, Joe Jackson, Echo and the Bunnymen … hmm, did we ever go see women in concert?)
  • Sharing that almost-empty apartment (during our “Poverty Twins” period) in a scary-dangerous building in Washington Heights
  • Cutting off our relaxed, over-processed hair and running around with our short afros (prompting people who didn’ t know us to think we were lovers instead of sisters)
  • Playing groupie-girls when Pulnoc came to town, driving down to see them play in DC, staying out til all hours with the band and their Tommy Boy handlers, somehow still getting to work the next day
  • Writing and recording The Family Adventure
  • Singing Breakdown with me as Tom Petty and Fox as the Heartbreakers
  • Adopting stray cats
  • Falling in love with Vancouver
  • Laughing so hard — at so many, many ridiculous inside jokes — that tears flow and our sides hurt
  • Making hummus (or trying to)
  • Suffering through a photo shoot with a crazy photographer so we could get some decent pictures to give our mother (who still laments not having enough photos of us)
  • Singing every Carpenters song we could remember in the wee small hours in my basement bedroom on Eastern Parkway
  • Sorting through all the possible sperm donors together when I was doing the fertility bank thang (if that first one had worked, Fox would definitely be responsible for my near-sighted, basektball-player-tall, half-Bosnian baby!)
  • Camping out all night outside Madison Square Garden to get concert tickets — including a curious encounter with a homeless man bearing semi-precious stones
  • Spending that weird-but-cool ghosty, mystical weekend at Arnolda
  • Sharing the same not-quite-right sense of humor
  • Being able to get angry with one another without it affecting the strength of our relationship
  • Loving one another unconditionally

I’ll stop.  She’s my sister.  I love her fiercely.  She is my closest friend.  She is so incredibly smart.  I love to get her laughing.  I’m glad that she knows she can always call me.  And I’m glad to know I can always call her.  I can’t begin to imagine who I would be without her.


It’s the end of March, the end of the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This was the third year of the challenge, and I’ve participated each year.  That first challenge year was right after I started blogging, and Stacey and Ruth and the regular slicers (Kevin, Bonnie, Jane and Jane, Ashley, Juliann, Pam, Jen, Cathy and Cathy …) really helped me begin to develop what this blog was going to be.  Thanks to all of last year’s wonderful additions to the slicing crowd, and to this year’s much larger slicing crew.  I love that the challenge has grown so much in such a short time, love that it has connected me to so many interesting teachers, so many wonderful people.  Thanks, Stacey and Ruth!

Check out the rest of the slices over at Two Writing Teachers!


4 thoughts on “She’s no April Fool.

  1. A real community, A REAL COMMUNITY! What’s great about WordPress is that I have your new posts right in my email and Juliann’s and Lisa’s and Stacey’s and Ruths, and Kevins on edublogs… so you remain just a click away.
    I am always up for a cup of coffee so just let me know when you want to meet face-to-face…

    And… What a cool list of sister-friendship moments…
    I have two younger brothers…different relationships, but still good.
    Enjoy more…


    1. I love the cup of coffee plan. Please send me the flyer for the writing conference. I may still be able to come up!

      What you say about your brother relationships makes perfect sense. My relationship with my brother is very different from the one with my sister. Still with the fierce love, but who we are together is just different.


  2. I love having a brother, but my relationship with my sister is something else entirely. I just got back from spending a few days with her and my mom, and I always feel so great after hanging out with her. No matter what we do, it’s exactly the right thing.


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