Pride and Prejudice

here yet be dragons

so many languages have fallen
off of the edge of the world
into the dragon’s mouth. some

where there be monsters whose teeth
are sharp and sparkle with lost

people. lost poems. who
among us can imagine ourselves
unimagined? who

among us can speak with so fragile
tongue and remain proud?

— Lucille Clifton


I love this Clifton poem (ok, is there a Clifton poem I don’t love?).  This one connects so nicely with what I was writing about in my essay, the idea of invisibility, of being silenced, “unimagined.” 

I am proud and honored to say that my Attention white folks … post has been voted one of the Best Just Posts of 2009 (notice the excellent “Best of” badge in my sidebar!). I am even more proud to have my writing be part of such an amazing group of posts — from the nominees to the finalists to the winners. And I am proud that posts I nominated for the JPs throughout the year made it onto the list.  And I’m proud that Alejna’s Editor’s Choice Award went to Tami’s posts, When Allies Fail, Part I and Part II at What Tami Said, and that Holly’s Editor’s Choice Award went to Megan’s extraordinary post, Frozen at A Certain Lack of Focus.

It’s a shame that so many of my Just Post posts have been angry anti-racist screeds, but that’s just the way it is sometimes.  Wouldn’t it be great if 2010 turned out differently?

And in rhyme royal news, I’m still working my way through learning the form.  I have all these ideas for how I thingk it should work … but they never seem to come together on the page quite like my ideas.  Still so much to learn.  For today:

She works, I pray —
with each stroke of her hands, a call
to hold her safe, to stay
her hand, use me to break her fall,
give me a way to smash all
the barriers that bind
her beautiful heart, her extraordinary mind

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