The World Is Small … and Fabulous


i bless the black
skin of the woman
and the black
night turning around her
like a star’s bed
and the black
sound of delilah
across his prayers
for they have made me

— Lucille Clifton


Here’s a wonderful thing that happened.  I went to buy a couple of books for Fox’s birthday (Octavia Butler’s Fledgling and Tananarive Due’s Blood Colony).  Because I love reading, because I love discovering new authors, because I think everyone needs to support the publishing of new writers, I stopped to check out the “new fiction” display.  I was quickly drawn to the title and cover design of a book.  I took a quick glace and was pleased to find that it was short stories (even mor passionate about supporting the publishing of short story writers).  Took an equally quick glance at the author’s photo and liked her face, so I bought the book.  When I got home, I put it in my travel bag so I could bring it on the mini-trip to visit Fox and my mom from which I’ve just returned.

Next day, I got a “possibly related posts” hit on my blog from a Catching Days post about a day in the life of a writer named Robin Black.  I was curious and scrolled down until I saw a picture of Robin Black … and saw that I knew her.  She’s someone I was in college with.  We lived in the same house freshman year.  Cool.  I kept scrolling down, curious to see what linked that post to my blog … and saw a picture of the book I’d bought the night before: If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This … Robin’s first collection of short stories!

How wonderfully serendipitous is that?

Robin thought so, too when I left a comment on her blog to tell her.  I love random, excellent little all-the-pieces-falling-into-place things like that.  Love them the way I love being far from home and running into someone I know on the street.  They ground me, make me feel more connected to the world, if that makes any sense.

I’ll be on my way to hear Robin read later this month, either at Sarah Lawrence or KGB.  Can’t wait to tell her how much I’m enjoying the book!


The rhyme royal continues to be a struggle.  Yes, this is like my new mantra, right?  Maybe we should just assume the struggle and I should keep quiet about it.  It’s hard.  The point it made.  What did I write today?

the fork in the road, choice
waits up ahead
I can strain to hear the voice
of reason, the guide, but instead
will always remember what you said
about reaching out, about my heart           before
you turned your back and closed the door


2 thoughts on “The World Is Small … and Fabulous

  1. So I am so thrilled to blog with you Stacie. Here’s what we can do in cyberspace. I just read your post, I trust your opinion and instantly downloaded samples to my Kindle for Robin Black’s short stories(I love short stories) and Fledgling. I think I know Octavia Butler.

    And I just checked out Robin’s blog and bookmarked it on Google Reader.

    And I love your new poem and the your challenge to take on this format.

    And… i have been challenged to write a poem a day and that’s way out of my comfort zone. So I am the master of my poems and the captain of my blog.

    And yesterday I sat with a group of teachers centered in Newburgh and listened to their stories. It’s a new study group set up by our writing project focused on Diversity.
    I was taping them and I am working on a documentary piece now about why Obama needs to seriously pivot on his charter school and testing approach to school reform.

    Okay, that’s all for me!

    Thank you for your inspiration


    1. Bonnie, I love that you jumped in and downloaded Robin’s stories. I’ve only read the first three, but I’m loving (make that loving) this book so far! I’ve also started re-reading Fledgling because I couldn’t resist and I want it fresh in my head when my sister calls to talk about it.

      The poem a day challenge is really pushing me, but I’m enjoying the challenge all the same.

      Have fun at your conference today and have a great trip! I’m looking forward to your check-ins from Tel Aviv!


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