The Rhyme’s the Thing

the last day

we will find ourselves surrounded
by our kind all of them now
wearing the eyes they had
only imagined possible
and they will reproach us
with those eyes
in a language more actual
than speech
asking why we allowed this
to happen asking why
for the love of God
we did this to ourselves
and we will answer
in our feeble voices because
because because

— Lucille Clifton


Because because because …

I really think it’s the rhyme that gets me.  When I mentioned this to Fox over the weekend, she suggested that maybe the issue with rhymes for is that rhyming makes things sound nursery rhyme-ish. Maybe that really is it.  In any case, I continue to muddle through.

who am I to you
other than blank canvas, than doormat
what am I supposed to do
with your rich dark lies, so ripe, so fat
so tender in my arms that
all your lies, rancid and obscene
fade to shadow behind that artful screen


2 thoughts on “The Rhyme’s the Thing

  1. molly

    I really like this poem. I think the rhyme may have forced you into a verbal surprise that might not have come otherwise. I also find the thought behind it very touching.


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