Let Love Be at the End

let there be new flowering

let there be new flowering
in the fields let the fields
turn mellow for the men
let the men keep tender
through the time let the time
be wrested from the war
let the war be won
let love be
at the end

— Lucille Clifton


Today my colleague and I presented our Intimate Partner Violence workshop for one of the teen groups in our peer mentoring program.  I was pretty nervous about doing this.  I really wanted to, but wasn’t sure we’d had enough time to put everything together, wasn’t sure the kids (ahem, excuse me: the young people) would respond well to us … just wasn’t sure.

Right.  Can I be so bold as to say we rocked?  No, but we really did.  And part of that was because we put together a great workshop, but a lot of that was because of this wonderful group of young people.  I’d met some of them before, but never had the chance to work with them, the chance to just sit and listen to them talk.  This group has been working together since the fall, so they’ve had a lot of time to come together as a team, and it shows.  They are so warm and funny with each other, so encouraging and supportive.  And they were a perfect group for us as presenters: immediately into each activity, so talkative, really focused on the issue, full of questions.  In short, a complete pleasure to work with.  Here is the result of the first activity.  We put out markers and asked them to come up and write whatever came to mind when they heard terms like Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence:

(I’m sad this picture isn’t better, but I’m glad I caught even this much.)

And how can I be so sure that the workshop was a hit?  Before it was even half over, they wanted to know when we’d be back, wanted to know if we’d help them work on the theater piece they’re developing about domestic violence.  (Easy answer to that last: YES!)

Tonight’s rhyme royal is dedicated to the wonderful, intelligent, inspiring Theater Team:

Like a noonday equatorial sun
their rhythm is strong.
Given free run,
it is full of their light, their youth, their song
their energy a-kindle as they fly headlong
into each challenge, each new thing
and I watch in wonder as their power takes wing.


4 thoughts on “Let Love Be at the End

    1. Thanks, Linda. I’m still buzzing from how great that workshop was. Those kids really inspired me. This form is starting to feel less alien to me. Slowly but surely. No love at first sight like with the tanka, but it’s coming along…


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