Instructional Introspection, Day Two

Fury — for mama

Remember this.
she is standing by
the furnace.
the coals glisten like rubies.

Her hand is crying.
her hand is clutching
a sheaf of papers.

She gives them up.
they burn jewels into jewels.
her eyes are animals.
each hank of her hair
is a serpent’s obedient wife.
she will never recover.

Remember. there is nothing
you will not bear
for this woman’s sake.

— Lucille Clifton


So today was a much better class day.  And we were deep in the middle of it when I realized how nicely and well everything was going and wondered why … and looked around and realized that, oh, yes, the three students who’ve been the most trouble were absent.  So yes, that was a good reminder that it isn’t my whole class that’s making me question my teaching skills, it’s really just a handful of students.  And it felt good to know that … but I’m still frustrated with my inability to figure out what to do with/about/for the others.

(And no, my new student from yesterday didn’t return today.  Maybe tomorrow?)

Meanwhile, I count the days until I hear about this writing workshop, try not to count the days, find myself incapable of not thinking ahead to how wonderful it would be …

is a slow grind.
My nerves grating,
nothing in my mind
but doubt and the too-thin rind
of hope that holds me
still … just barely.


4 thoughts on “Instructional Introspection, Day Two

  1. I am watching from the outside Stacie and wondering if creating these gems of our life helps clarify your feelings in the moment? Seems like it should. From the outside it’s wonderful to see what you can do with a small group of words called a poem.


    1. The poems, because the form is so small and tight, are definitely pushing me to distill my feelings. Trying to push and shove myself into the structure is eye-opening. I have to keep discarding ideas, discarding pieces to get down to the most essential bit. I’m glad you’re enjoying my journey/struggle/learning process. I am too! 🙂


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