Putting some flowers in my hair …

Because, you know, the song says I’ll need them … if I’m going to San Francisco and all.

So my email inbox has been the source of wicked good tidings lately.¹  ²  First the news that I won the villa raffle.  And then Tuesday I got the wonderful, soul-affirming news that Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation has accepted me into one of this summer’s writing workshops!

(Let’s pause a moment while I do a dramatic re-enactment of opening my email on Tuesday.  I call this piece Shock, Disbelief, Amazement, Scream of Joy, Tears of Happiness, and the Crazy Little You’ve-Gotta-Be-Kidding-me Dance …)

I’m still a bit disbelieving that this wonderful good fortune is mine.  Please  believe me when I say that I really never win anything.  Anything.  Ever.  And now I have the villa win and a week of fiction writing with the gloriously talented Tananarive Due!

Now I just have to work out my budget so I can pay for it all and finish the story I’m working on so I can submit it for the workshop.  Not small tasks, but definitely do-able.  (So, Linda, Sarah, Audrey … this means I’ll be hanging out in your neck of the woods for a week.  Can’t wait to see you!)


And of course:

(Did anyone — ever — know that Scott McKenzie was the singer of this song?  You know, other than Scott himself and his friends and family?  Certainly not me.  Just another reason to love YouTube!)


¹   Ok, I pretty much never use “wicked” as a positive descriptor, but it seems to fit right now, given the degree of uncommonly good news that’s been flowing my way via the internet.

²   Uh, yeah … until yesterday when my work email sent me the news that the Mayor has zeroed out funding for all adult literacy programming for the new fiscal year … which begins on July 1st.  July 1st.

10 thoughts on “Putting some flowers in my hair …

  1. STACIE! This is HUGE!!!! Congrats! I am SO excited for you!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it…awesome and it TOTALLY is wicked good…and I’m not one to YELL often, but I DIG this news! squeal with delight…because I’m a child, obviously, heh :).


    1. Hi, Julie! Thanks so much. I’m swinging back and forth between being really excited and not believing it’s real. And I’m totally wowed by my soon-to-be-instructor’s book, The Good House. Really looking forward to working with her!


  2. molly

    I am so PLEASED for you. I can’t think of anybody who would get more out of this experience than you. Wonderful. I’m very happy. This seems so fair, finally, something that is fair.


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