I fell in love with you the first time I looked into …

… them there eyes!

Um, yeah.  So this is my student, Alberto … or at least this is what I get to see of his left eye when he’s in class.  The first day he walked in with these contacts on, I was in the middle of a sentence, and I actually stuttered, I was so taken aback.  He has since come in with the equally-creepy sky blue version of these eyes.  Couple this oddness with his pierced mouth:

and he makes quite the impression. 

And then there’s Jeremy:

who has affixed these fangs to his teeth with crazy glue.  Crazy glue.  Giant fangs that don’t actually fit in his mouth.  Crazy. Glue.

Granted, both of these students are very young, but can someone please explain?


9 thoughts on “I fell in love with you the first time I looked into …

    1. As much as I find Alberto’s eyes creep-tastic, I also find him adorable. I do have the jolt of first seeing him every time he walks in, but it passes pretty quickly now. As for Jeremy … I am happy to say the fangs have fallen off. I guess Crazy Glue can’t stand up to … ahem … spit! Can’t say I’m sorry about that. They were much too big for his mouth!


  1. inmate1972

    I get it it. To a point. I was that girl in high school who after a boy too many gushed over my long red hair one time to many, I shaved it all off and became angry goth chick (well, this was before “goth” but post “The Cure”). For as many compliments I could receive on my hair, I rarely received compliments for anything else.

    You want to be more than just great hair. You want to be more than the convenient little box people want to keep you in. Sometimes you want to break out of the box, hell, destroy it even, if it forces people to really look at and consider you in some way other, good or bad. Sometimes destroying the proverbial box forces you to extremes. Of course, sometimes the extremes themselves are just more bullshit.

    Maybe something else is going on. Mostly this stuff is just a phase. An effing scary phase to be sure, but maybe something they’re just working through.

    Just be patient and see where it takes you…and them…


    1. Oh, I definitely like the idea of you as the shaved-headed-pre-goth-post-The-Cure girl … but at the same time, I’m frustrated by the fact that you felt you had to be that girl to force people to see something about you other than your hair.

      I, on the other hand, spent most of my girlhood trying to make people see anything about me. As a kid who received one (yes, count ’em) compliment in her whole pre-teen and teen life, I’d have been happy to have been noticed for my hair. I took great pains to make myself look like the other girls in my schools in an effort to have someone see anything about me. If I had taken Alberto and Jeremy’s route, there’s no question but that I’d have gotten all sorts of notice.

      As I said in my response to Linda’s comment, Jeremy’s fangs are gone and don’t seem to be coming back. I think that was just a 2-second quirk. Alberto’s eyes are still hidden behind the contact, however (today it’s the extra-especially-creepy white-blue ones). I’m sure it’s a phase, but I wish I had a better idea of what was behind it.


  2. You’ve never seen Alberto without his contacts?

    I can’t believe you only got one compliment in all those years! (Not that I got many more, to be sure; I was the smart weirdo at school. In fact, I can’t necessarily think of any off the top of my head.) I assume you mean from random strangers or people outside your own family. Anyway, I can think of any number of compliments I’d want to give you now, so it’s odd to contemplate anyone could have seen it any other way at any other time.

    inmate1972, your comment made me think of the Maureen Dowd column I just read, which was more dispiriting to me than otherwise: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/19/opinion/19dowd.html?hp

    I confess that after I read MD, I thought, hmm, maybe I’d better let my hair grow out. 🙂 So it was interesting to see your comment so soon–thanks!


  3. I know, it’s a little crazy that I’ve never seen Alberto’s actual eyes, isn’t it?!

    Wow that Dowd column really made me think. I’m guessing I’ve definitely moved over into the “unmarried” column in the eyes of most people. I’m still pretty “single” in my own mind, however!


  4. Molly

    I definitely think of you as single, even if I have been inclined to encourage you to accept your marriage proposal. Then you could be an (old) married lady, like me.


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