Mnemonic device needed ASAP!

On the 51 bus back to Brooklyn, I sat across the aisle from a man who rode along peacefully and quietly … until his phone rang.  At that point, I and everyone else on the bus, was treated to his bizarre one-track side of the conversation.


Oh, I forgot.  I-forgot-I-forgot-I-forgot.  How could I forget?  I can’t believe I forgot.  I-forgot-I-forgot.  Thank you for calling me because I forgot.  I f***ing forgot.  I-forgot-I-forgot-I-forgot.  I really forgot.  What could have happened for me to forget?

I know, I know, but I forgot.  I f***ing forgot. It’s so good you called because I forgot.  I forgot!   I-forgot-I-forgot-I-forgot.  Oh my God, how could I forget?  But I did.  I forgot.  I forgot.

I can’t believe I forgot.  It’s so good you called me.  I didn’t even know I forgot, but I forgot.  I-forgot-I-forgot-I-forgot.  I really forgot.

What is that?  There has be a name for it.  It must be some kind of disorder, right?  I’ve never heard anything like him.  He went on much longer than what I’ve written here.  I can’t imagine having to make conversation with him for more than twelve and a half seconds.


6 thoughts on “Mnemonic device needed ASAP!

  1. I think it may be called perseverant speech. It struck me as being related to echolalia, which is the repetition of something someone else says, and is sometimes present with autism or Tourette’s.

    I sometimes feel like my head does that. I get thoughts that run in a sort of loop. It’s pretty maddening, but at least other people don’t get subjected to it.


  2. dkzody

    Having taught in an inner city high school for 21 years, a school with a high number of special education students, this is something I am accustomed to hearing. Even regular ed kids could get stuck on something and keep blabbering about it. I think it may be a brain dysfunction caused by drugs or alcohol during pregnancy.


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