Hey, DADT: start packing your bags …


To my great surprise (well, to my “kinda” surprise), my students didn’t know anything about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  I’ve mentioned it any number of times, and no one’s asked me what I was talking about.  But finally someone did the other day.  Turned out not one person had heard of it.  How can that be, really?  Of course I’m being silly.  There are so many things my students have never heard of.  This shouldn’t surprise me.  And yet …

Happily, even though many of my students act like homophobes a lot of the time, all of them thought DADT was the stupidest thing they’d ever heard of. 

“Oh, it’s ok for you to risk your life and get shot the hell up and everything, but don’t be gay while you’re doing it,” as Joseph so eloquently said.  “Isn’t that like discrimination, miss?”

“Not just like discrimination.  It is discrimination.”

“That shit is fucked up.”

And now, finally, there’s some movement on this issue.  Now, finally, a goodly sum of our Representatives have agreed with Joseph.  That shit is  fucked up.  So in honor of the House’s vote, today DADT stands for Definitely About Damned Time.  Now it’s up to the Senate to get their acts together on this.


I woke up this morning in the middle of a quote.  The radio news was on and some Republican congressman was expressing his concern over the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  He was reminding us that Colin Powell was against the repeal … because I guess that would show us all the error of our ways.  (And I have to say that, while I have really based most of the major life decisions and potical positions of my adult life on what Colin Powell thinks, I just don’t agree with him on this one.)  He said that Powell “didn’t think this was anything like the blacks” facing discrimination.

Speaking as one of “the blacks” … is he serious?  The blacks?  I woke up groggy on a Friday morning in May, 2010.  Did he wake up in 1947?  Never mind whether you think DADT is anything like racial discriminiation.  I’m just saying: the blacks?

I’m sorry if you don’t see why that annoys the crap out of me.  And I’m sorry I’m not feeling motivated to explain it.  But really.  Come on.  The blacks?

14 thoughts on “Hey, DADT: start packing your bags …

  1. I am not surprised, are you? It’s great to live in America but we have lots of people I’d like to put on a truck and ride them over the Tappan Zee Bridge. What do you think?

    Your kids are great!


    Now what do you think about Charter schools and Obama’s, Clinton’s and Andrew Cuomo’s position?


  2. molly

    Your humorous voice is loud and clear. Well, so is your anger, and the eloquence of your students, but I’m more used to that. I love the idea of somebody waking up in 1947. And no, I really wouldn’t want to.


    1. Sometimes, it’s only possible to say something funny, you know? Saying all the angry things I might want to say just makes me more upset. And maybe I shouldn’t pick on 1947. I’m sure it was a very good year for lots of people. Still.


  3. Joseph’s last quote, starting with “That shit..” is exactly the way I feel about so much on the news now. It IS 1947 for a lot more people than I’d thought…whatever happened to our brave new world, the one I voted for in 2008?? It’s like we cast our votes and went back to sleep!


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