If you didn’t come to party, child …

… you better get up off-a my block!

As much as I love Prince (what’s not to love), and as much as that’s my favorite line from “New Power Generation,” I’m not loving what’s happening outside my window right now.  My neighbors are having a dance party.  And that was cool earlier tonight when I could dance while fixing tea and toast to nurse my slightly sick self.  But it’s well after midnight now, and I’ve got to work in the morning.  So at this point, I really would like all these party people to get up off-a my block!

I’m not sure which neighbor is partying.  The music doesn’t seem to be coming from the notorious party house — a house that has been surprisingly quiet so far this season — but whoever it is needs to remember than not all of us are on summer break.  I’m usually not a complainer, but I’ve had a long, sickly weekend during which I had hoped to be fabulously productive but have instead spent these two days with a fever and a migraine, getting no grant writing, housework or trip prep done.  So I’m cranky and tired and not really wanting to follow along with that annoying “Everybody clap your hands!” song that leads partiers through some modern day hokey-pokey.

Yes, I am this much of a wet blanket.  Feh.


And yes, of course, here’s His Purpleness himself:

I love that there’s enough of the movie included in this video to make clear just how much of a cinematic mistake Graffiti Bridge was.  I saw that on an only-date with a guy who kind of looked like Prince.  The fact that he liked the movie was at least part of the reason there was no second date!


10 thoughts on “If you didn’t come to party, child …

  1. ah, yes…summer in Brooklyn! Crown Heights was just written up in the NY Times, and no mention was made of spontaneous street parties. Hope you’re feeling better…


    1. Hi, Z! Yeah, no mention of the parties. I finally fell asleep around 1am … party still going strong. I’m feeling much better today, though. No more cranky girl (at least for another hour!)


  2. Aw, that’s not being a wet blanket. It is vexing to lie awake in the middle of the night because of someone else’s racket, especially when you have to get up early the next morning.


    1. Ok, I can’t say how much I love that you just said “vexing” … brought me right to Jamaica. So that’s a nice way to start my day! I keep saying I’m going to work on reintroducing that word into common use, but clearly I don’t need to. Good thing, since I keep forgetting to start my little reintroduction plan!


  3. molly

    you remind me that my English colleague never says “Be quiet!” to the students, if they are chatting too much, the way I do. She says, in her soft British voice, “Quietly…”


  4. molly

    And- we live above a tree-lined pedestrian area, where young people gather in the summertime to converse in loud voices, and drunks ramble on, and pensioners meet at 5 in the morning to be the first to open the post office at 8:15. My husband once threw some fruit at about 4 a.m., and that did break up the party rather effectively. Generally, we just put up with it as the price for living near trees, but nobody likes being kept awake by somebody else’s party.
    I hope you feel better soon.


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