Going to California to resurrect my soul …*

 That’s what I hoped this week in San Francisco would be for me: the resurrection of my writing soul … and that’s exactly what it’s turning out to be!  I’m so excited that I’ve been given this opportunity, that I’ve been allowed to come here and be a part of this group of writers, that I get to wear my “Writer” badge all week and no one will question it, no one will ask to see proof.  I feel lighter, happier, more powerful already!

Adding to my feeling of power as a writer is the fact that the essay I submitted for the second Empowering Women anthology was accepted!  The theme for the new anthology is “EmBODYment in Women’s Literacy.”  So I took a leap from the post I wrote about Tania a few months ago and wrote a piece called “My Body Politic: Paying Attention to the Woman Behind the Curtain.” 

That warm, cello hum you hear?  That’s me.

*  Thanks, P!ink.

10 thoughts on “Going to California to resurrect my soul …*

    1. Thanks, Linda! Of course, my week was made that much better by getting to meet you!

      As for the essay, the anthology will come out next March. I have to work on a revision (very small revision) due by the end of the summer. I’d be happy to send you a copy once I’ve got a final draft.


    1. I read the article, and it was great! As I said when we were at lunch, now that I’ve been to your gorgeous, hilly city, I’m that much more impressed by your bike-everywhere ability!


    1. I’m having an amazing experience … one I hope will continue even after I leave. I would recommend this place to any writer of color. The quality of the work I’ve heard and the quality of the learning/affirming experience I’ve had is truly amazing.


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