My Sweet Lord

When I first started teaching, I was surprised by a recurring set of questions from my students.  How old was I?  Was I married?  Did I have any children?  Why did I smile so much?  Did I believe in God?

I’ve been teaching for a lot of years now, but the questions haven’t changed.  The God question has always been an interesting one for me.  I don’t really want to discuss my religious beliefs — or lack of them — with my students, but  I want them to feel free to ask their questions.  Where’s my happy medium?

Aren’t there watermelons?

Yes, that’s right: as with most difficult questions, good food is the answer.  My students ask if I believe in God.  I say, “How can you ask that question?  Aren’t there watermelons?  Aren’t there mangoes?  Aren’t there pomegranates?”

Because mangoes, watermelons and pomegranates are, of course, the three fruit proofs of the existence of God.  I’m sorry.  Didn’t you know?  How can anyone doubt the existence of a higher power when there are watermelons in the world? 

My students, understandably, never quite know what to make of my answer.  Maybe I’m mocking them with a silly response, or maybe I’m nuts.  Maybe I’ve just said that I do believe in God, maybe I haven’t really said anything.  It works for me.

And the three fruit proofs idea works for me, too.  If mangoes aren’t manna from heaven, I don’t know what is.

Then yesterday, WordPress highlighted a little foretaste of paradise in the form of mango mousse.  Yes.  Ms. Chef It Yourself  has shared this fruity pleasure and totally made my day.  Can’t wait to try it.  Existence of God, you ask?  Just put a spoonful of this treat in your mouth and try to deny it!

5 thoughts on “My Sweet Lord

  1. I’m really amused by “the three fruit proofs of the existence of God,” and that this is the answer you give to your students.

    I’m also amused that I just recently read of another religious experience with fruit. (That one involved peaches.)

    I’m just glad that bananas weren’t on your list. Because then I’d have to worry about your sanity. (Have you heard of the argument that the banana is proof of intelligent design? It’s pretty entertaining.)


    1. Oh, the three fruit proofs is one of my favorites. I haven’t thought about bananas and intelligent design, but that’s surely because I never give any thought to intelligent design …


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