When the Hangover Strikes

Last night was another Word for Word workshop in Bryant Park.  Miranda McLeod was back for a session on short stories.  I was looking forward to it because I wanted to give myself that treat — summer evening set aside for my writing and all — and, as I said last week, I really like the way Miranda leads her workshops.

All was good for the first half hour or so … and then it got really loud on the west side of the park.  REALLY loud.  And that would be because, in some unfortunate mis-scheduling snafu, a CONCERT began!  Yes, in the middle of trying to focus on writing, in the middle of trying to think, in the middle of putting myself into the brain-space I need to move to when I want to tell a story … there was a Squeeze concert!

Please understand, I happen to love Squeeze.  Tempted has been a favorite song of mine from the moment I first heard it.  But it’s just a little difficult to combine Cool for Cats with class. 

It was more funny for me than annoying.  And maybe that’s because I was able to get enough into my writing that I didn’t even realize it was Squeeze until they were into their third or fourth song, so focused I missed Black Coffee in Bed!  It wasn’t until When the Hangover Strikes began that I sat up and took notice.  A Squeeze concert!  What on earth is Squeeze doing in Bryant Park on a Thursday night?  Too bizarre, but also fabulous.

In the end … I got to hear some songs I love but haven’t listened to in ages and which — horror of horrors — I had neglected to add to my iPod (happily, that oversight has been resolved).  Better still, I got started on a new story!


10 thoughts on “When the Hangover Strikes

  1. molly

    I like the way you described this. I felt the sensation of summer evening in the park, the surprise of familiar music. I’m glad you got a new story out of it, too.


    1. I’ve been listening to Squeeze ever since, realizing just how much I still love them. I’m sorry I’m miss this week’s workshop (and concert), but I’m trusting that my week in the Caribbean will yield some excellent experiences of its own!


  2. Geralyn

    OK, how did I miss Miranda McLeod and Squeeze. Man, I’m only in Weehawken.

    I used to get through hard situations by thinking what a great story it would make later. Lemonade from lemons or something like that.



  3. That’s the synergy of the city…you never know what awaits just around the corner…or across the park Good for you that you were able to get a story out of the experience!


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