Who Are We?

How have we gotten (back) to a place where assassination is an answer to those who believe things we don’t?  How have we gotten to a place where a national figure can put an image up on her website that shows a gun-sight’s crosshairs over the politicians she opposes … and then take that image down when one of those politicians is shot and say she’s praying for “peace and justice”? 

Sarah Palin took down her website that had gun crosshairs on Rep Gabrielle Giffords, but here’s a screenshot. UPDATE: The crosshairs map was only taken down from one site.  At last check (4pm) it was still up on Palin’s FB page.

So angry and sad right now.  As Rebecca Walker just tweeted: “I feel so badly for our country, for us.  Who will serve?  Who will want to serve?”


7 thoughts on “Who Are We?

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  2. When I fist saw Sarah Palin’s political hit list and read the rhetoric that went with it, where she actually used phrases such as “take aim” and “opening salvo”, I thought it was in incredible bad taste -even for her. In the after math of this shooting, it’s even more appalling.


  3. If Sarah Palin isn’t heartsick and ashamed right now, there’s even more wrong with her than I thought.

    (It does sound like this young man was in need of mental health services–had his parents, with whom he evidently lives, not noticed this?)

    I hope our congresswoman will be fine in time, and maybe there will be a slight silver lining: the end of Palin’s political career?

    That wouldn’t begin to make up for the lost lives and injured bodies, but it would sure be great. She has done real damage to this country with her violent and ignorant rhetoric, and also with the stupid “death panel” stuff that has put the option of hospice and palliative care farther out of reach for many.


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