Late Day, Wrong Day, Where’s-My-Head Day

Over here at if you want kin, being on vacation for March 1st meant forgetting that it was March 1st and the start of Ruth & Stacey’s annual Slice-of-Life month.  Sad, sad, sad.  I had my moment of realization at the end of my work day as I was rushing to get out of the office so I could make it to writers’ group close to on time.  In the middle of getting all my meeting stuff set for tomorrow morning, I got a mental dope slap of, “Hey, it’s March!  I’ve missed a whole week of SOLC!”  But I had to set that aside so I could get to the subway.  Done and done.  Rush up from the train and over to our meeting place … only to find no group.  But I had checked in over the weekend to make sure we were on for tonight.   A quick call to one of the group yielded the news: no, we’re meeting next week. Sigh.  I hope this is the in-like-a-lion part and my March settles into its like-a-lamb state soon!

See what the (on time) slicers are up to over at Two Writing Teachers!


4 thoughts on “Late Day, Wrong Day, Where’s-My-Head Day

  1. Sounds more like March madness to me. I could feel the hectic-ness of your life in this quick slice. I hope you do get a chance for more lamb-like days.


  2. I missed you! Glad you found your way back. Tell me about dates. Passover begins on Monday April 18 in the evening and we are returning home from Israel that afternoon at 4:30. Duh..


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