Officially an Old Old Maid …

Overheard at the table next to mine at dinner:

“A few years ago, I wouldn’t even have considered going on a blind date like this.”

(Yes, she is saying this to the man she is on the blind date with.  He says nothing — wise man.)

“But now that I’m older, I can see the value.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to hit 30 and still be out there looking, you know?”

Uh, yeah.

I need to bite my tongue on all the things I want to say right now about this twenty-something child worrying about being single at thirty.  After all, if I’d had her mindset 20 years ago, I might be many years married today, scraping together college tuition payments for my passle o’ children.  You know, or something.


But what this snippet of overheard conversation made me realize was that I had almost completely forgotten about my own dating oddyssey!  All that time and effort … and one quick trip to Jamaica pretty much erases the whole thing from my memory.  Interesting. I’ll have to think about what that’s telling me.

In the mean time, I’ll get busy polishing my pointy-toed button shoes and wrestling my hair into a snood so that I can more completely look the part of Spinster Aunt.  Excuse me while I go find a nice, oversized pair of rhinestone-studded cat’s eye glasses …

And you? You can see the rest of today’s slices over at Two Writing Teachers!


9 thoughts on “Officially an Old Old Maid …

  1. ktcheval

    This makes me blush a little. It’s not that I am worried about being single at 30…it’s more like, I want children and I would prefer to be married before I have them. And my GYN likes to remind me that the clock’s a’tickin. I highly doubt I would explain all that on a blind date, though…that’s just a bit much.


  2. I’m 29 and have at least a couple of friends who are seriously worried about not being married yet. I keep having to tell them that it’s really weird that I’m married, it’s weird that a lot of our high school friends got married young (just ‘cos it’s normal in their church doesn’t make it normal for everyone else), and it is OKAY that they are not married yet. That conversation you overheard — that could totally this one particular friend of mine. Sigh.


    1. I guess I understand the worry about not being married. I didn’t feel it when I was 29 (or 39, for that matter!), but I can see how someone could feel it. I guess I was just amazed that she’d be having that conversation out loud … and having it with a guy she’s meeting for the first time on a date!


    1. Oh, I totally embrace my spinsterhood. I said that word to someone a month or so ago, and she got all upset, defending me against such talk. But I really don’t have a problem with it. It’s kind of cute. Now it’s true that a) I’m a fiber arts kind of girl, so I like that connection and b) I’m using it for myself … if someone else had started calling me a spinster, I doubt I’d be so quick to find it cute!

      And I’ve already got my sights set on “crone.” 🙂


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