Love Affair

… with Google.  Really. It’s me and the internets, our initials carved in some innocent, unsuspecting tree.

On my way home tonight, thinking about what to have for dinner that could carry over to lunch tomorrow. I wanted to do something with lentils. Oh, what about those carrots and the rest of that flat-leaf parsley?  And wouldn’t I like some bacon (because everything is better with bacon, n’est-ce pas¹)?  What on earth can I make with all of that?  I’m sure there’s nothing.


Typed that laundry list into Google and found half a dozen excellent-sounding recipes!  I always forget about this option until I reach a point of desperation (read: when I’m too tired to think and can’t bear the thought of lifting a cookbook and searching).

I went with the straight-to-the-point “Lentils-n-Bacon.” All those ingredients plus thyme, onion, garlic and pepper, a few alterations that I thought of in process … et voilà²: a yummy-like-nobody’s-business dinner!

There are plenty of things I don’t love about my new paramour, but I can’t think of any of them tonight!  What dining delights has Google revealed to you?

Check out the rest of today’s delicious slices at Two Writing Teachers!

¹ Ok, what was that?  I pretty much never randomly insert other languages into my posts.
² Clearly I am over-tired.

10 thoughts on “Love Affair

  1. I use it too sometimes, but mostly looking at cooking sites, not just entering ingredients to see what came up. What fun, & you told it like a delightful cookbook writer. The footnotes, etc. The only thing missing is the photo! Thanks!


    1. Sorry about the lack of a photo. I actually took a couple, but I’m having some trouble with my computer, so there’s no way to get them from camera to screen. I’m glad you liked the slice. It felt silly, but I was enjoying telling it!


  2. Mark T.

    Ha ha, I love using Google for recipes. In fact, Google unfortunately has all too often replaced my traditional recipe books. Or at least supplemented them. There are many benefits to this . . . but sometimes I wonder about my reliance on Google. Clearly, I enjoyed your post.


  3. Ah, Google! I happened to flip open the dictionary the other day (er, yes, a real paper dictionary, I do have one and actually use it) to the page containing the word “googol,” and got confused for a few seconds about how they spelled google wrong. Oh dear.

    Lentils and bacon sound awesome. 🙂 I have been using The Bean Bible cookbook lately and loving it. Lots of beans and smoked ham hocks.


        1. Oh I like the name! I’m a huge fan of The New Basics. Everything I’ve made from that book has been excellent. I’ve been getting to know How to Cook Everything in the last year. I like it, but I find that I have to do a lot more tweaking. And I don’t mind the tweaking, but I’m surprised.


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