Reaching Critical Mass

Last weekend, I spent both days in my office.  Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be back there again. 

I’m not loving this, but there just isn’t any way around it.  I have proposals due, and they don’t write themselves.  And they aren’t casual, “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if we had some extra money for new programming?” kinds of proposals.  No, these are the ones that will keep the core of my program up and running, these are the do-or-die kind.  Not only do they need to be written, we need to get them.  Period.

I’m not working alone.  Last week, Mopsy and my boss were both here on Sunday, too.  And they’ll be here both days this weekend.  So there’s the whole comeraderie thing going on.  And that means a lot.

Still.  Two weekends in a row?  It has me feeling … stressed … worn out …   When, exactly, was it that I was lazing on that verandah overlooking the Caribbean Sea?  Feels like about 25 years ago right now.

But tonight I took a break.  Tonight I went to see a wild bunch of friends, one of whom arrived with Thin Mints and Tagalongs for me!  So maybe life’s not so bad after all.

Check out today’s slices over at Two Writing Teachers!

8 thoughts on “Reaching Critical Mass

  1. I didn’t have as much to do the past two weekends, but I did have work obligations on the Saturdays & it is hard to do. Sorry for the stress (sounds like a lot), but you were great to include a few bright spots. I guess we need to dwell on them in order to keep going, going, going.


    1. Going, going, going is exactly what it feels like! I know there’s a break from the writing coming soon (another 10 days or so?), but not a break from everything else. As I said, my vacation feels far in the past at the moment!


  2. The Other Stacie

    It’s Saturday morning and the first thing I thought of was the data I need to review and put into a narrative. I have been operating in survival mode for so long it’s the norm. Fear can be a good thing — it can be galvanizing and help you to think outside the box. The problem with running on adrenaline is that you eventually run out and you’re exhausted. This is not such a good thing if you’re still in crisis.

    I know it’s challenging when everything seems to be working against you but it comforts me to know that you have the support of your team and in the end that’s the only way to get through times like these. Teamwork and an excellent and inspiring playlist!


    1. Hey, Stacie! I don’t know how you keep your energy so high. I am regularly impressed by you. (And I’m writing you and your team into one of my grants … fingers crossed!)

      Teamwork, an excellent playlist … and the occasional mojito at Bogota? (Of course, if you’re not the “Stacie” I think you are, this whole response is a bit bizarre, isn’t it! 🙂 )


  3. Dear Stacie,
    It’s me, Stacie. I’ll be honest with you and say that keeping morale up has been challenging in these fiscal times. One of the things that keeps me going is that I know how important it is to do this work and do it right. We may not have signed up for these roles but someone’s gotta do it.

    I have a playlist titled, “Wait till you see my smile” that includes such as “O-o-h Child,” “Seasons of Love,” “With a little help from my friends” and “Empire State of Mind.” to keep my energy up. Music has been a wonderful tool to connect with when I’m feeling down. It can remind me of someone I love that might be far away and connect me to the work that I’m doing.

    Fingers crossed that all of the grants come in! Until then, back to the grind and the iPod 🙂


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