Where’ve I been lately?

You tell me:

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I was surprised to find myself here, too.  Got a guess?  Leave it in the comments.  If you place me correctly, I might even have to come up with a prize to send you!  (All work colleagues must recuse themselves.  Thank you.)


4 thoughts on “Where’ve I been lately?

  1. Oh boy, here’s where my novice appreciation of architecture pay offs and is probably going to make you want to throttle me…

    The rooftop seating is throwing me off, but I’m guessing that’s just something I may not normally notice from street level. Same for the copula.

    Now, process of elimination:

    The clock building with the patina roof line, has a front facade looks like the building across from the Carter. I think it’s the same building different angles.

    So, you’re on the West Side, definitely Theater District. The Westin, Hotel Carter and the McGraw Hill Buildings are in your line of sight so you have to be on 43rd between 8th & 9th Aves, but I’m thinking you’re just off 8th. It’s been a long time since I was in that block, but I think you are on the roof of the building across the street from the small off, off, off Broadway theatre type place I can’t remember the name of.

    If I’m right, then the copula belongs to Holy Cross Church on 42nd between 8th & 9th across from Port Authority.

    I’m no longer allowed to play “Where’s GirlGriot” any more am I?



    1. I knew you’d get it Raivenne, but you’re WAY too good at this! You’re just about perfectly right on all counts: 43rd just off 8th at the 1199 building, up on the 7th floor balcony. Hmm … what prize shall I bring you next time we meet?


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