Sometimes, Life Is Good

Tonight I met Harry Belafonte.  I left my house this morning with no idea this would be on my agenda.  Yes, my boss had asked if I’d attend some benefit gala with her after work, but there’d been no mention of Belafonte possibilities.

I would love to be posting my lovely photo with this lovely, legendary man.  Alas, my photo op was ruined by a) a man who thought he was being helpful but was camera challenged and took a picture over our heads of a table across the room and then b) the woman running interference for Mr. Belafonte who stepped in just as I was ready for my second photo attempt to say we couldn’t take any pictures.

Fine.  I did get some photos of him on stage accepting his award, including this very cute one of him about to kiss David Ushery from NBC:

There had been jokes all night about the honor, privilege and apparent pleasure of getting a kiss from him, so Ushery was appropriately jazzed to get his.  And yes, I had some grand illusions about snagging one of my own (I am that shameless), but again, no such luck.  I did get to chat with him for a moment, shake his hand and have him thank me for the work I do, and that felt pretty great.

So yeah, life can be so good.  Random, cool and fabulous.  Thank you, cosmos, for dropping a little outrageous surprise into my day.


12 thoughts on “Sometimes, Life Is Good

      1. Oh man, that is an amazing story. I LOVE that you didn’t know who he was and just blathered about yourself. I should think that if I were someone of that stature I’d enjoy it; he can’t have too many opportunities for such encounters.


        1. Thanks, Lisa. I’d like to think I wasn’t completely annoying to him. If I was annoying him, he might actually be the most patient and kind person I’ve ever met, because he certainly never let on for a moment and was only gracious with me. Happy new year!!


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