Take Love. Make Love. Rinse. Repeat.*

The lovely and talented Raivenne has done me the honor of giving me, in all my struggling-with-my-blog-ness, a blogging award.

Liebster is German for “dearest,” for the one you love beyond borders.

In accepting this award, the recipient agrees to:

1. Show thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people in the Blogsphere.
5. And, lastly – have fun and spread the karma!

I am about the last person deserving of a blog award lately.  I’m still not sure why writing here has become such a challenge for me.  I’m still trying to push through it to the other side, and because I’m so undeserving, Raivenne’s faith in me is that much more warming.  I know blogger-me is in here somewhere and that I’ll find her again.  Raivenne’s nod is a nice nudge to keep looking.

So, how can I pick 5 other blogs?  Too hard, when I love so many …

  1. This award is coming in March, so first up I’ll give the award to all the writers of the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  There are more than 100 writers this year, and you can find them every day this month over at Two Writing Teachers. (More than 100, grown from our first little group back in 2008.  Amazing.)
  2. I also want to include the wonderful Erika, whose blog, Be Gay About It makes me laugh, makes me cry, reminds me to tell the people I love that I love them.  Her family gives me hope … and a lump in my throat.
  3. I’m also including the tremendous writer, Zetta Elliot.  She blogs at Fledgling.  I was fortunate enough to have her book, A Wish After Midnight to read with one of my last GED classes and my book club, and am thrilled that her next book, Ship of Souls is launching tomorrow at the African Burial Ground.
  4. Fourth up is Lisa of The Satsumabug Blog (If you stop over there today, you’ll see her looking just about ready to lead the French Revolution … love that hat!).  I met Lisa at VONA (another reason to be so grateful for my VONA experiences).  Her blog reminds me to take chances with my writing, to trust my process and not worry so much about getting things “right” all the time (whatever that’s supposed to mean).  She and her husband are about to travel around the world … a trip we can all join vicariously through her blog!
  5. And then there is the divine Alejna of Collecting Tokens.  I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Alejna in person for a quick snack in Penn Station after BlogHer (was that already 2 summers ago?!).  Never mind the fine writing.  Never mind the excellent photos.  Never mind her beautiful children.  Never mind her skilled stewardship of the Just Posts.  She would be as worthy of this award without any of those things “simply” for her unswerving devotion to the greatness that is pants.

This wasn’t the slice I thought I’d post today, but Raivenne surprised me and I couldn’t resist!  Check out the rest of the day’s Slice of Life Stories at Stacey and Ruth’s!

* Don’t ask me about that post title.  Sometimes I brain just goes places.


20 thoughts on “Take Love. Make Love. Rinse. Repeat.*

  1. Congratulations on your award, and thank you mightily for honoring me with one too! (A tip of the hat to you. Hee. Not that the revolutionary hat tips well, you understand, but I do it virtually.) I will have to look up the other blogs you mentioned, and think of my own top five!


  2. I have always enjoyed the glimpses you give into your life. How we can be from such different areas, but writing connects us, reminds me that writing is a powerful tool!


    1. It’s already having an effect. Just reading other slices and comments on mine is getting me back into the swing of blogging. How did I forget that regular contact with other bloggers always does that?


  3. Thanks for sharing the blogs that are meaningful to you – and why. I’m looking forward to visiting. It is wonderful to celebrate those who inspire us as your friend must celebrate you.


    1. Somehow I couldn’t resist that title. As I was writing, the end of Abbey Road came into my head (“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”) and it just seemed to fit … You know, with a little silliness added by me.


    1. Paul

      Wow, that was poor phrasing — I mean, of course, to keep fighting through and writing! I’m really looking forward to what you’re going to write this month.


  4. Aww, thanks dearest Stacie, for including me (and my pants) on your list! Yours is among my dearest blogs, too. I will think about how I can pass along the love. (It is definitely hard to narrow down to 5! Though these days, many of the blogging friends who are dear to me are no longer blogging. Sigh.)


    1. I know, many of the people I followed five years ago have taken down their blogs. I think seeing that was part of what had me questioning whether or not I would/shoud continue blogging. But I’m hanging in. (In my pants, of course.)


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