Doors down, love rushes in …

Tonight I’m in Rhode Island. I’m in Providence for this year’s WE LEARN conference (yes, the same WE LEARN I talk about in the sidebar). I got here noon yesterday and will head home tomorrow night.  I could stay two weeks and not feel I’d gotten enough.  This conference always feeds me.  It’s such an amazing pleasure to be in this lovely, intimate space with all of these wonderful, smart, beautiful, giving women.

I wasn’t sure what the conference would be like this time.  We had a long, difficult hiatus between the last conference and this, and I worried a bit.  No need.  The magic happened the way it always happens.  We have a day together and we feel as if we’ve known each other for years.  Because we have.  We have a day together and we are sharing and hugging and crying and laughing together as if we are sisters.  Because we are.

Tonight, we had our “talent show.”  I hate to call it that, because that sounds too much, as one woman said, like six-year-olds in tap shoes.  What we had tonight was a sharing of hearts, of hopes, of fears, of triumphs.  Far too special to be captured by saying “talent show.” Tonight a young woman came out to the group, telling the story of coming out to her mother. Tonight a woman got up and told us she hadn’t written a poem in seven years, that she had been so beaten down by the abusive relationship she was in, she didn’t believe she had any poems in her, but after spending a day at WE LEARN, she sat down and wrote … and then stood up and shared her writing.

There are few things as special to me as what happens here, the magic that is created new every time this conference brings people together.  I read and recited a few things tonight, most written by the amazing poet Ruth Forman, and I think it’s time to let Ruth take the helm and guide us home:

Let Down All Your Doors

I am coming in
to love you


See the rest of today’s slices at Two Writing Teachers.

9 thoughts on “Doors down, love rushes in …

    1. I’m sorry you couldn’t joing us this year, Janet. The conference was really amazing. Okay, it’s always amazing, but that’s part of what makes it so incredible. How does it manage to be so great year after year after year? I’m happy to report that we were almost 50% learners this year, and that was fabulous.


  1. Sounds like you are having a rich and supportive time. I pray you have a safe trip home. May you be blessed with hugs and friendship. A nice touch at the end with the poem. Thank you for sharing.


    1. There was plenty of hugging going on! This conference shouldn’t really be called a conference. It’s much too much like getting together with all your best girlfriends and sitting around with herbal tea and popcorn and talking your head off all night long.


    1. Oh, sockless Mopsy, what am I to do with you? Is it mean for me to tell you that I finished my purple socks on Thursday night and wore them to the conference on Friday, showing them off as my WE LEARN socks since purple is one of WL’s colors? Is it even meaner to tell you that I’ve started my next pair? In any case, I’ll get you set up pronto.


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