Not exactly ready for my close-up, but …

In Providence, there is a restaurant called Haven Brothers.  I had a burger there a couple of years ago.  How could I resist such a funny little place?  And that burger was excellent.  Thursday night, I went back after setting up for the conference.  I wanted the quick, easy comfort of a burger and fries.  I walked in, read the menu for a minute, placed my order (murder burger, no lettuce, no mushrooms) and turned around to find this guy:

How could I have stood for even a second in such a tiny space and not have noticed that movie camera?  In any case, this is Jeff, and he’s making a documentary about Haven Brothers.  He wanted to interview me, so I let him.  Silly, really, since that was only my second visit.  And, too, I was so tired I was practically brain dead.  I gave him all kinds of wacky answers.  Maybe the best one was when he asked me to describe Haven Brothers to someone who’d never been there.  I said something like: “It’s everything you like about your favorite taco trucks rolled into one little sit-down place. On wheels.”  What?  But I think I stand by that one.

I have a feeling my interview might just wind up on the cutting room floor … If not, I’ll be the sleepy-eyed woman in the black velvet coat talking about taco trucks and burgers!


I haven’t quite recovered from my trip north, still want to sleep for about 27 hours.  I’ll get back to richer posts when I’ve gotten some rest.  In the mean time, see the rest of today’s slices at Two Writing Teachers.

8 thoughts on “Not exactly ready for my close-up, but …

  1. I’m slightly embarrassed that I’ve never heard of Haven Bros. I lived in Providence (less than 1 mi. away from the spot that the Google Map lists their location) for two years and never had my path cross with this establishment. Never saw their truck either! Maybe on my next trip…


    1. Definitely worth checking out, Stacey. For the novelty factor alone. It’s very cute and the guys working there are always nice. This year, there was the addition to the outside of the trailer of a big banner that said, “Man Food was Here,” and I have to admit that took a little shine off for me, but the burger was still delicious.


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