Fashion Statement

On the R train:

I don’t have a lot to say. Gold with inlaid crystals, about 2½ to 3-inches wide.  Who makes this as an accessory?  What kind of person thinks of it as an acceptable accesory?  What message are you sending to the world when you walk around with a diamond gun hung around your neck?

I really don’t have anything to say.  I’m still trying to decide whether and how to write about Florida, to write about France, to write about any of the other things that are making my heart heavy.  And then I look up from my book on my way home last night and see this.  It rendered me speechless.


Go see what the other slicers have on tap today.  They’re over at Two Writing Teachers.

14 thoughts on “Fashion Statement

  1. She’s not anywhere near a 1/10 of being as hard as she would like people to think wearing that. The shoes alone contradict whatever message she thinks she’s sending. Adding my name to the speechless list.


    1. It’s great that you picked up the shoe-inconsistency, too. That was one of the things that made me take her picture. And if I hadn’t put the black bar over them, you’d see her totall doe-eyed expression … really not aligned with that necklace!


  2. grade4wizard

    What did she think this morning when she got dressed? Was she scared and thought the necklace would protect her? Was she hoping to look cool? Was she thinking of sending a message at all?


    1. Good questions. I have a few pieces of jewelry that I wear consciously, wear them knowing they serve a purpose. The rest are “just” adornment. I’d like to know the answers to your questions, too.


    1. Thanks. I have a friend who is a master of street photography with his iphone. I’ve tried taking pics with my little digital camera, but it’s harder to hide what I’m doing. This was my first attempt at a sneaky phone photo. I saw that necklace and just had to capture it.


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