The Hostess with the Diagnosis …

My little writers’ soiree went well yesterday.  It’s always powerfully energizing to spend time wtih people who share the VONA experience.  There was great conversation, great writing, wine and lots of food … and that may be the problem.

I am, right now, horribly sick.  It started last night, consumed my morning today, gave me a few hours’ respite this afternoon and is back now.

I’m not a doctor, of course, but I’m so certain I’ve given my writer friends food poisoning.  Mopsy tried to convince me that it’s sudden-onset lactose intolerance, but I think that’s just wishful thinking.  I’ve put out a call to the VONA ladies to see how they’re faring, but haven’t heard anything yet. 

So, in addition to hoping the Tylenol I took brings down my fever, I’m hoping I’m suffering solo, that none of my friends are in this boat.


Check out all of today’s uncontaminated slices at Two Writing Teachers.


10 thoughts on “The Hostess with the Diagnosis …

  1. Oh it sounds awful to say “I hope you just caught a nasty bug instead of food poisoning” – I mean really, both are not a great way to spend a day. But worrying is certainly not a helpful pasttime.


  2. This inquiring mind wants to know – What is the VONA experience?
    I hope that your suffering is solo and short-lived, the one day virus variety. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!


  3. I am so sorry you are ill! I wonder, though, if food poisoning usually carries a fever? I would lean more toward the flu. Hang in there! I had it a few weeks ago – not fun. Hoping a quick recovery for you! And, congrats on accomplishing a post, when I assume, it wasn’t exactly something you cared to do. 🙂


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