The Eternal Sunshine of the Creative Mind

Tomorrow I’m going to come back to yesterday’s post and have some constructive, open-minded things to say. That’s tomorrow. I need another day to remember who I am, tap into that empathic side I’m cultivating.

Tonight, tonight is for the Brainery.

For a long time now, my friend Mopsy has been telling me about taking classes at the Brooklyn Brainery. She’s also tried to convince me I should sign up to  teach a class at the Brainery.

I’ve listened to her but haven’t listened to her, too. She’s taken a bunch of classes — cooking, knitting, other stuff I can’t remember. She is a true Brainery devotee. I gave her a Brainery gift certificate for Chanukah last year to feed her habit.

Then she sent me an email announcing a class to talk about three Octavia Butler short stories. How could I resist? I love Octavia Butler. Love. Her.

I’m on my way home from the second and final class. Both sessions were excellent. The workshop leaders were prepared, smart and funny, and so were the participants.

I love the idea of the Brainery. You know something, you want to share what you know, sign up and teach a class! People are teaching storytelling, calligraphy, canning, wine tasting …  I love people just figuring out this easy and inexpensive way to share their knowledge and bring people together.  As one of the workshop leaders said to me tonight, “We thought this would be a good way to bring people out of the woodwork.”  Yes.  Exactly.

So Mopsy’s gone and done it.  I’m a convert, a newly-inducted devotee, a Brainery lover.  Will I teach something?  I don’t know.  I still can’t think of what I’d teach. But I can’t wait to take my next class!


10 thoughts on “The Eternal Sunshine of the Creative Mind

  1. oribori

    Dear Future Brainery Teacher — I’ve only taken 3 classes there — home canning, bread making, and sock knitting. I don’t know about being a true devotee, but I’m happy I sucked you into the Brainery vortex. Welcome.

    ~ Mopsy


  2. Hmmm! Never heard of Brooklyn Brainery before, but I adore the concept. May have to take a look-see. Looking forward to hopefully attending your first class Professor Stacie. 😉


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