Sometimes, anytime’s the right time …

Sometimes, anytime’s the right time.
A moment grabbed,
moments savored,
Held tight-tightly
to your

Oh, don’t ask me. It just fell in there. I’m not sure what I think about it, but there it is.

Great afternoon with my family after a really excellent Spanish lesson in which I was able to talk as if I actually speak Spanish.  It’s so strange how up and down my ability is.  Sometimes I have no words at all, can’t remember how to say more than hello.  And then there are times like today when I’m talking about creating a longitudinal data system (no, really) and leadership development in the community and I’m just zipping along as if I chat about these things all the time.  Crazy.  What’s the secret door in my brain that opens in those moments?  I wish I had the key to that door.

This afternoon’s visit with my family was a quick fix, one I was jonesing for big time.  Those few hours were full of a lot of laughter (and truly amazing ribs made by my sister-in-law!).  My niece with her newly-minted thirteen year old self is gorgeous and wild, blowing my mind at every turn.  My nephew was uncharacteristically chatty today, with his lacrosse-made, seven-stitches-worthy cut high on his cheek making him look tough.  These two hold my heart.  Funny, smart, beautiful.  I see them and think of that French phrase, “bien dans sa peau,” to be well in your skin.  They are so themselves, so comfortable with exactly who they are.  It’s fabulous to watch.

We talked about The Hunger Games quite a bit.  My niece had been wanting to see it and finally did this past week.  I wanted to talk about some of the darker things that have come up around the movie, but decided to stick with talking about the story and encouraging her to read the books.  I struggle with determining what is the conversation to have about race with either of them.  I don’t have a sense of how much either of them has had to deal with racism, or of how much my brother and sister-in-law talk about race with them.  With my nephew about to head to college in a few months (don’t get me started on how much that fact freaks me out!), I am feeling the pull toward this topic more and more.  I don’t so much want to upset the apple cart of easy conversations, but I can feel myself moving closer and closer to that moment. 

It will happen when it happens.  Should be interesting.

* This is a Zeno poem: 10 lines, syllables = 6/4/2/1/4/2/1/4/2/1, rhyme = a/b/c/d/e/f/d/g/h/d.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes, anytime’s the right time …

  1. molly

    sometimes even a short word or two from an aunt or uncle is SO precious. I am grateful to a friend who stopped the car and said to my daughter (just the two of them in the car) “two things somebody should say: contraception, and go to college.”
    I’m sure it will be very interesting. and they will cherish and make good ot your words.


    1. Thanks, Molly. I think it’s true that talking to an adult who’s not your parent but who loves you like that can have an impact. And I know that both of these wonderful kids actually have the space to hear the things I say to them … I just need to decide what to say …


  2. a moment grabbed,
    I wonder what you will say to your nephew before he goes to college,
    Words of love and wisdom from someone who loves him.
    My oldest just had her 17th birthday, and I wonder what to say to her. Remember to floss? Write your mother? and, I will always love you.


    1. Yes, exactly. I had the opportunity to write a letter to my nephew as part of a senior retreat he had at school. The school invited students’ relatives to write letters about our relationships. I said a LOT in my letter. But I held a lot back, too. Maybe I just need to keep going with some of the stuff I was hesitant to include in the letter …


  3. I love hearing your feelings about your young relatives too. There have definitely been moments when I looked at my youngest sister (10 years younger than me) and just marvel at her existence as herself. I wonder if that’s anything like what parents feel about their kids.

    I want to know about that language-related secret door in the brain too. Last night in my dream I had a conversation in Spanish. I haven’t spoken Spanish in years, but it was a real conversation and it was easy. That’s happened to me with all of the other languages with which I have an acquaintance, in other dreams. I think that’s why dreams fascinate me so much; they put on display all of that info our brains hang onto and usually won’t let us have all at once.
    (I typed “our brians” at first. Yes. The Brians of the world hang onto info for us.)


    1. I love that you speak in other languages in your dreams. I’m still quite monolingual in sleep. Need to talk to my brain about that. It would be a great way to practice my Spanish!


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