30 Stories — 4

Yes, somehow I kind of forgot that a) getting back into my work week and b) watching the DNC would cut into all that magical time I had to write over Labor Day weekend!  So I’ll do my 30 stories, but maybe they’ll come in batches instead of daily.

Today’s story is cheating.  This is just me writing out the scene that played out in the drug store yesterday.


“Look, if you have bedbugs, you need to get rid of that mattress.”

At the mention of bedbugs, each of us near him in the line took a tiny step back. No one said a word.

“I’m serious. You can’t get rjd of them just by vacuuming. And I can’t be there with bedbugs. My skin is already fucked up enough. I’d be breaking out in rashes, my psoriasis would go crazy.”

The woman in front of me twitched slightly. I wondered if she was thinking about the bugs or the skin condition. About the young man on the phone in front of us, I wondered if he somehow thought his too-loud conversation could really only be heard by the unfortunate partner with the bedbugs. As much as I am accustomed to people’s inability to use their inside voices, I am still surprised by the conversations they don’t have qualms about holding full voice, in public.

“Look, I can’t sleep with you again until you take care of this … Not at my house, either.  I can’t have you bringing them to my place.”

Happily, at that moment, he was called up to cashier.

“Now we know who not to have as a room mate,” I said quietly.  I know, that’s uncharitable, but come on: who has that conversation in line at the Duane Reade?  Really.

The woman in front of me laughed, shaking her head. “And just getting rid of the mattress is not going to solve that problem,” she said.

Right on all counts.

(source: Photos.com)


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3 thoughts on “30 Stories — 4

  1. If it weren’t for all the things we’ve observed, what would we write about?

    As for the subject, ouch! I’ve heard some doozies myself. Have you ever noticed that if you stare at the person who’s discussing their very personal business at the top of their lungs, and they notice, they look back at you like you’re the rudest person they’ve ever seen? I guess they think it’s a radio show and not a play.


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