A breath of fresh A.I.R.

… or, you know, something.

I have just completed my first comic!  (Yes, I’ve been absent for months, and it’s probably rude to just show up without excuse or explanation … but surely by now folks know that this is my way.)

I’ve been taking a class (of course it’s at the Brainery, my favoritest of favorite places to take classes these days) on making mini comics.  I owe a ginormous “Thank you!” to the wonderful, inspirational Pamela Hodges.  Pamela’s encouragement to confront my belief that I can’t draw was entirely the reason I signed up for this class (and for another class I’ll post about later).  I still haven’t managed to draw my egg, but taking this class has been an amazing experience for me.

Our big snowstorm has postponed my chance to show off my finished product in class, so I’m going to show it off here, instead.  So here, for its first online unveiling, is “Me Talk Pretty,” the first episode of Adventures in Racism:

Content warning: the following comic contains one swear word.

AIR1 - page1 AIR1 - page2 AIR1 - page3

AIR1 - page4

Episode 2 is in the works now!

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You can check out the other slices on Two Writing Teachers!

24 thoughts on “A breath of fresh A.I.R.

  1. First, it’s sooo good to see your post entry my emails. I have been wondering where you’ve been, we are getting close to March. And I love your adventures with comics. Of course you are using the genre for something more than Archie and Veronica.
    What a powerful start! Keep em’ coming! My challenge has been to write to 750 every day. I don’t always make it but that’s been my new marker. Photos count 🙂


    1. Thanks, Bonnie. It feels good to be back to my blog. I can’t believe I stepped away for such a long time!

      I’m having a lot of fun learning how to make comics. Class ends Saturday, but this adventure is really just beginning for me! The 750-word challenge is a good one. I need to get back to that. And yes, photos definitely count!


  2. Stacie! I want more. More and more and more. I can hardly wait to read the next one. Love those hips, and your hair. You make me want to pull out the comic I started but never finished. Weed Woman Saves The Neighborhood.


  3. * insert random ‘you’re alive’ joke here *
    Cool artwork, nice to see a another side to your creativity. My, when you make a reemergence, you do with panache my dear! Waving my MLK fan, Preach!

    I love this. I live this. I so wish we blacks who speak proper English, could put a past tense to this.

    Waiting impatiently for the nexpisode. (That’s ebonics for next episode right?) 😉


    1. I know, I’m like the 17-year cicada!

      So glad you like it. Let’s keep working on that past tense. And thanks for the artwork note. I had a really hard time during the first week trying to figure out how to draw myself.

      Until the nexpisode …


  4. This is fantastic! I’m so glad to see you posting here, and am excited to see what you’ve been up to. You can indeed draw! I love the style, with the various lost edges. Cool! Great expressions, too. And it’s a really great way to package the message. Go you! I can’t wait to see where you go next.


    1. Thanks, Alejna! I was away for an unconscionably long time, wasn’t I? Feels good to be back and with something I’m really excited about … of course I could also have come back today just to post about Marco Rubio’s wacky sip of water moment from last night!


  5. What a great match of creative vehicle and message. Enlightening. It inspires me to continue to push myself to find different ways to express my own observations. I hope this is only the beginning of your comic series. I sense you will always post when you have something to say and your powerful words will find an audience.


    1. Thanks, Kim! It’s true that, in the first flush of imagining my way through this comic, I thought of not only the many episodes I could write for A.I.R. … but imagined a whole other series! My imagination is very ambitious! I’m looking forward to March, as Stacey and Ruth’s challenge always jumpstarts a couple of months of daily posting!


  6. CONGRATULATIONS! This format works so well. I remember reading some of this on your blog (well-written then as now, of course) and finding it to be an important statement. In this format I hope it can circulate more. I am confused about whether you are making reference to Sedaris’s book or to the rock band, or if “me talk pretty” is just an expression I am not familiar with except in these contexts, since I have lived out of the culture for so many years.
    I think your drawings are perfect. I like the fed-up expressions and the three-quarter faces. I am very impressed, and looking forward to episode 2. I feel privileged to see the first of what looks like something quite possibly very successful. I know you have the staying power to say something new day after day, from your poetry months. I’d love to see you in the daily press. Again, congratulations!


    1. Thanks so much, Molly! The title of this episode was definitely a nod to David Sedaris. I don’t know what band you mean, so I have to do some homework and find out about that reference. (I’m out of a whole bunch of loops over here!)

      And thanks for the feedback on the drawings! Trying to figure out how to make different expressions when I’m only doing the most basic drawing of a face was an interesting challenge. And it was funny to step back from drawing and see that — although I don’t look like my mom, one of the 3/4 drawings kind of looks like my mom!


  7. This piece really showcases the power of the comic as a medium to tell a story. It would be powerful as a post, perhaps, for me, you brought me right into the perception of the moment and your art working with the words made the message here very poignant. Keep on creating! (I wish I could draw like you. I lean towards webcomics because my artwork stinks, but I know I can tell a good story. I think.)
    Thanks so much for sharing the link with me. I love the comic, even if the views around language are unsettling. (Is that guy serious?)


    1. Thanks, Kevin! This is such a great learning experience for me, and I’m glad that others are getting something from it, too! And don’t sell yourself short with drawing. If you had asked me two months ago if I could draw a comic that would actually look like what I wanted it to look like, I’d have laughed at you. But from somewhere came those images. So you never know. I’m still amazed!


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