In My Own Backyard (SOLSC 3)

Today I rode home on a bus I mostly never take. I prefer the bus to the subway when I have enough time to spare, as I like to be above ground so I can see where I’m going.  That’s especially true when I’m going somewhere I haven’t been before … or, as in the case this afternoon, going home via a new route.

The last leg of the trip was about 20 blocks down an avenue I usually avoid.  I’ve seen about 6 or 8 of those blocks and figured that was what there was to see and I’ve been happier on a more scenic parallel avenue when I’ve had to walk that way.  Well, today, I saw that the 6 or 8 blocks I know are — of course — just a part, and that there is a whole other world just beyond them.

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for 5 years.  As happy as I am to live here (and I really do love it here), I don’t spend much time here.  Most of my time is lived in the neighborhood in which I work.

Today’s discovery drove home the point that I haven’t been living here, I’ve been sleeping and eating here.  Time to change that, to start making time to wander around and explore and see what other “secret” fabulousness there is for me to stumble upon practically on my doorstep.

Have you made any discoveries right outside your front door lately? You can tell me about them in the comments!


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22 thoughts on “In My Own Backyard (SOLSC 3)

  1. Currently I eat and sleep in my apartment and spend all my free time fixing up our new home so we can move in and LIVE there! Sitting outside our home today I noticed trees swaying in the wind, kids biking up and down the street, and couples walking their dogs. I’m enjoying getting to know our new little corner in the world. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your slice!


  2. I keep whining about the creek in my backyard in California that I left behind when I moved to Pennsylvania. Yet I have some unexplored woods behind my house that I have never walked in. Time for a walk.
    Thank you for the bus ride trip. Interesting concept, to live where we are.


  3. I do live where I sleep and eat. We are in a neighborhood where neighbors meet at the fence to chat. Lots of friendly waves and chats as we stroll around the area. Have fun living and exploring.


  4. Your post reminds me of being present in each moment of now – which can be very hard sometimes – but you remind me to spend more attention on the little things in our lives and find love and joy in them.

    On roads I’ve never taken – in my mind they don’t exist – kind of like the end of the town in the movie “The Truman Show” – I know that they must exist, but until I travel on them they live in this limbo-abyss, place of non-existence in my mind!


  5. I used to feel this way when I lived in Brooklyn….once I began taking new paths here and there in my neighborhood, I realized that I didn’t know what I thought I knew. Of course, I ‘ve realized this every where else I’ve lived after that, too – get out of one’s comfort zone, right?!


    1. Hi, Tara. I didn’t know you’d lived in Brooklyn! I’ve lived here almost half my life … and I really only know a few small bits. I have a lot of exploring to do!


  6. I love taking buses in neighborhoods I don’t usually travel to or through. I look forward to getting over this wretched cold I’ve been hung up with dand doing some more of that. What number was the bus you took? where does it go to and from?


    1. I love taking the bus. Most of my friends think I’m crazy, but I like to see where I am. I was on the B43. It runs from Flatbush to Long Island City (I think that’s right). Hope you feel better soon, Sonia!


  7. Living in this small suburban area, I miss real neighborhoods where you can miss something. We have a bunch of neighborhoods, some highway areas, and then some random restaurants and grocery stores. And because, until just now reading your slice, I didn’t see it as a real neighborhood, I rarely go out in it. I drive through it. I go to a friend’s house (driving) but walking around, saying hi? I need to do that. Thanks!


    1. It’s funny how we can notice/not notice the place we call home. I hope you have fun walking around your neighborhood … maybe your neighbors will catch on and a whole new set of connections will form!


  8. When the weather is warmer, I notice a lot outside. I live four blocks from my school and living in a small town, I know where lots of the kids live. (Halloween is an interesting time.) My husband was surprised when I greet kids and parents on our walks. I haven’t done that lately, but I do know when the neighbor needs a push due to being stuck in the snow or if a walk needs to be shoveled. Noticing our surroundings is important.


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