Today I fell in love. (SOLSC 6)

Yesterday I wrote about EyeWire and and Tara left a comment asking if I’d seen this TED talk:

First let’s just do a “we’re not worthy” bow to the TED talks.

Okay.  And now to Sugata Mitra.

Okay.  Here’s the reply I left on Tara’s comment: Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Unbelievable and fabulous and beautiful and stunning. Turns the “HOPE” light on full power for me. Thank you!

Seriously.  How do I adequately express how in love with this man’s brain I am today?  With his heart, his mind, his teacherliness, his trust … Wow.  Yes, anyone who used to read my blog back when I was teaching knows that I’m a bit of a floozy, that I fall in love a LOT — with all of my students, with new ideas, with great books, with math teachers.

Still.  This man? Is everything.

Thanks, Tara!


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