Life’s just lousy with options. (SOLSC 16)

A woman I knew in college used to say that all the time.  Whenever we had to make a choice about something and there was a bit of back and forth or the slightest hemming and hawing, she’d shrug and say it.  I’d never heard anyone use “lousy” in that way, and she remains the only person I’ve ever heard say it.  The phrase has stuck with me all these years.  Just to be clear:

“Lousy with — Slang. well supplied with or filled with, often to excess: Our city is lousy with bad drivers. I wish I were lousy with money like my boss.”
(Thank you,

I’m thinking of this comment tonight.  I wouldn’t exactly describe my life in this moment as being “lousy with options,” but there are some things right now that require  action from me.  Some are good, or interesting, or at least not difficult.  A couple are decidedly difficult, and I’ve struggled to get to the place where I feel able to make any kind of choice.

And that’s where I am now: the place for hard choices.  Moving ahead and planning my surgery was one, but there are a handful of others on deck.  My head was full of them today, leaving me wishing for the handy cheat of a little clairvoyant support.

What do you do when a big, important decision is hanging over your head?  That’s an actual question.  I welcome any and all suggestions in the comments.

crystal ball


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18 thoughts on “Life’s just lousy with options. (SOLSC 16)

  1. Sometimes I play a pretend game.
    I pretend how I would feel if i shaved my head, and then I pretend how I would feel if i didn’t.
    Some of the choices you make have limited consequences, others are life changing. Like a new knee.
    Some things I want to do are good things, but the fear is greater than the desire.
    Some times I have to literally step on the fear, and do it anyway.
    So is it life changing, or scary?


    1. I like this method of making choices. I do this sometimes … and then other times I forget to try this. Thanks for the reminder! And to answer your question, it’s feeling like both life-changing and scary. But those are some of the best choices to make, right?


  2. I’m a big believer in prayer and asking God to clearly and deliberately open doors He wants me to walk through. He knows sometimes it takes a 2X4 to get me moving! I’ll be praying for you decision to be settled once and for all so that you may live peaceably with whatever you decide.
    Thanks for sharing…


  3. Paul

    I buy a bottle of Jones Soda, twist the cap off, read the saying that they put on the inside of the cap for every bottle, and do what it says.


    Ten years ago, I had a job interview, and was convinced I didn’t get the job. I bought a Jones Soda, opened the cap, and it said “you will be successful in your new job.”

    It’s the job I still have.

    A game like that (as Pamela says) can help you clarify what you really want. My version is looking for a sign. What I interpret to be a sign, what I project onto the “sign”, tells me what I really want.

    Hamlet speaks of “perfect conscience”, and I try to attain that before I make a decision, because I know that if I do what I believe to be best in that moment, I will have no regrets whatever happens.

    Or you could turn to the occult. I just wrote a short poem about a former Canadian Prime Minister who owned a crystal ball and a Ouija board, and conducted seances so he could talk to his dead mother and other people (including Franklin Roosevelt).

    Yeah, maybe trying to attain “perfect conscience” is better– 🙂


    1. Ha! I don’t know if the Ouija route is the best one for me. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind reading the inside of a soda bottle cap, however. You’ve made me curious about Jones Soda. I wonder if anyone sells that around here …


      1. Paul

        Bought a Jones Soda today. On the inside of the cap, it said “When the daffodils bloom, so will great joy in your life.” 🙂


  4. Hmmm I don’t know that I can offer the way into problem solving…Maybe just some support instead. It’s tough to struggle with options. I’m coming to one of those right now… It’s obsessive and hard. All I can say is I’m thinking about you Stacie….sending you my strongest positive vibes that you will make the right decision for yourself…


  5. when I have a big decision to make, i think about it for a long time, and I talk to lots of people about it. I try to think about how I would feel if I didn’t do what I think I want to do, and I try to think of all the pros and cons. Sometimes I have to set up the pros and cons for and against, i.e., when I was considering retiring, even when I started thinking about what I would miss by not going to work every day, I also knew that I did not want to go to work every day any longer. So I guess I do what Pamela does, with the addition to talking to friends and getting feedback or ideas from them.


    1. It’s so interesting that you say you talk to a lot of people as you’re making your decision. I don’t do that. I hold a lot of stuff really close until I’ve figured a lot of it out. And that’s true even though I also know that, when I talk to people, it really helps me think through whatever the situation is. I need to reconcile these differing approaches, get better at seeing when it makes sense to keep my own counsel and when I should reach out to others … hmm … could that be the famous knowing when to hold and when to fold that Kenny Rogers sang about?!


  6. Sometimes big decisions, especially about one’s health, kind of have to be made, right? In my life, the other stuff falls into place behind the thing that’s just got to get done. Which is, I realize , a simplistic view.


    1. Simple but effective. That was certainly tied up with my decision about the surgery. I reached a point where I realized I couldn’t put it off any longer and that every other thing that needed doing would just have to take a back seat to taking care of myself.


  7. Sigh. I’d like to say I have a great answer for this, but the true answer, much of the time, is “avoid thinking about it for as long as possible, and in the meantime, distract self with computer games or romance novels.” ;b Although… sometimes that’s good; sometimes putting things off has given me the desperation required to force me to just do exactly what my gut says.


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