All Systems Go (SOLSC 17)

Today I had the pleasure of going to a great workshop hosted by the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective.  The workshop was about writing proposals for creative projects.  The workshop was led by a lovely, lovely woman with whom I’ve taken two online writing workshops.

I was interested in today’s session because I want to get more serious about applying for writing residencies.  I’ve applied in the past and always run into the wall of the artist statement, having no idea how to write one: what should I include, what shouldn’t I include, how do I talk about myself and my work in a way that is compelling but doesn’t sound arrogant, and on and on.

The workshop was led by Minal Hajratwala. One of the things I love about her workshops is that she always pushes you to develop next steps at the end so that you walk out with a plan for how to proceed.  And today was no different.  I have a pre-next-steps step to take, however, which is to decide what residencies I want to apply for this year.  So that’s my task to complete by the time I go in for my surgery.  That way I can be working on my applications as I recuperate.

I love having my brain switched on in new ways.  I love intelligent, gentle, funny people.  I love honest sharing and empathetic listening.  I love facilitators who know how to create safe space.  I love feeling welcome.

This afternoon was my compassionate give-back from the cosmos after Friday night’s ugliness.  And I offer up a hands-over-my-heart, head-bowed “Thank you.”


See all of the day’s slices at Two Writing Teachers.



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