Strike! (SOLSC 21)

Every so often, we plan a happy hour hang out for all the people I work with — staff from my agency and staff from all of our partner agencies, too.  Tonight, “happy hour” was bowling.  We had a bit of a crowd, a couple dozen of us showing the rest of the alley … just what we didn’t have!  I love bowling, but I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t bowl to save my life.  I’ve always said that, as long as I can hit my age, I’m happy, but that was easier 20 years ago.  We played two games.  I beat my age by 33 in the first game, and in the second game (after the margaritas) I beat my age, but only by 3.  And now we know: Stacie + tequila + bowling = not a good plan.  Fun, as was the goal, was had by all.  Next up? Karaoke!  That should be very interesting …


Pick up a spare slice over at Two Writing Teachers!



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