A Little Slice of Happiness (SOLSC 22)

Tonight, this is me:


There are a lot of things that I love.  I love walking on a street in an unfamiliar city and running into someone I know.  I love walking on any street and running into someone I know, but when I’m away from home, it’s that much more fabulous.  I love being read to.  I love watching students’ faces when the learning in class is on fire.  I love the way a well-written book can pull me so far in that I have to actively reorient myself when I come up for air.

I could just have this post be a giant list of things I love because, really: there are a lot.

But no.  I want to say one particular loved thing tonight.  I love meeting someone I’ve known for years but never met in person and discovering that she is exactly who I knew she’d be and entirely more winning and fabulous than I could have imagined.

Tonight I was tired-tired-tired.  This week had felt so very long and my head was pounding and all I wanted in the world was to go home, hide under my comforter and not answer the phone.

But I had plans.  I was supposed to travel from my quiet little south Brooklyn work neighborhood to the Upper East Side to have coffee with a friend.  And, had it been a friend who lives in New York, I might have had to give in to my headache and cancel the date.  But it was Julie Brock I was on my way to meet. No way I could cancel that date!

So very glad I didn’t cancel.  I had such a great time hanging out with Julie.  She and I met during the first Slice of Life Challenge in 2008.  She’s one of that original crew of slicers who helped me become a blogger.  She is fabulous and funny and has so many amazing ideas about education reform.  Talking to her dissolved my headache (with a tactical assist from some Advil) and gave me back the energy that had been drained by my work week.

One more thing I love: adding to the list of blog friends I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person!


And now I really must sleep, but you can see more slices at Two Writing Teachers!



14 thoughts on “A Little Slice of Happiness (SOLSC 22)

  1. ” I love the way a well-written book can pull me so far in that I have to actively reorient myself when I come up for air.” — I love this line! This describes exactly how I feel about a good book. You nailed that description!


    1. I love that circle-closing, too. It’s great to have my instincts proved right, you know? As Alejna (who I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting “off blog”) says in her comment, the line between friend and blog friend has become blurry enough to be invisible in many cases.


  2. I love the picture of Snoopy. It shows your zeal. I am a new blogger and I can see how getting to know someone on line through writing and then meeting is a wonderful thing. Glad you met!


    1. I’m glad, too. And congrats to you on the start of your blog. Participating in the slice of life challenge was really pivotal for me as a blogger. I’d only been writing online for about a month when that first challenge started, and getting to meet Stacey, Ruth, Bonnie, Kevin, Julie and the rest of that 2008 group really helped me become more confident about sharing pieces of myself online. I hope you’re enjoying the challenge!


  3. That’s so great! I love meeting my blogging friends, too. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve known someone so long and know them so well through blogging that I have to think about whether or not I’ve also met them in person. I find that the “real-life” vs. “online” friend distinction has become pretty meaningless to me. My blogging friends are real-life friends, whether we have interacted face-to-face or not. When I meet in person with a friend who I’ve previously known only online, it can feel like we are just continuing a conversation. (And this is not always the case with reunions with friends from past eras of my life.)


    1. I agree totally. I felt that way when I met you, when I met Holly. The real-life/online friend line is a funny one. Through reading the blogs of my “in person” friends, I’ve gotten to see sides of them I didn’t know in our face-to-face relationships, and I’m sure they have the same experience through reading my blog.


  4. This is great.. I love your lists of “loves”.. esp “I love the way a well-written book can pull me so far in that I have to actively reorient myself when I come up for air.” I can relate. 🙂 I love your way with words… engaging and fun to read. Glad you had a great night!


  5. Good night, I was honored to meet you, friend. I went immediately to Stef and said, ‘Oh, she is so our people!” Which I knew, but that phrase means so much to Stef and she smiled that knowingly smile and said, “That is awesome.” As are you, friend. I look forward to seeing you here, but meeting again for our domination conference – let us tear down the locked doors together.


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