Home Remedy (SOLSC 23)

At the end of 2012 I signed up for Apartment Therapy’s January Cure.  I signed up and forgot about it.  And then the assignment emails began showing up in my inbox January 2nd.  I had a LOT of work to do.  I was a little skeptical about my ability to get through all of the assignments, but I was determined to try.

By month’s end, my apartment was truly transformed … in my eyes.  I suspect most people walking into my house would notice that I have some artwork on the walls now.  The truly observant would note the disappearance of the painfully hideous particle-board shelves in my bedroom.  Everything else was so internal as to be invisible.  But all of it so amazing as to make my home more live-able than it’s been in all the time I’ve lived here.

So what did I do?

  • cleaned and organized my clothes closet
  • cleaned and organized my fridge
  • cleaned and organized my pantry
  • cleaned and organized (noticing a pattern?) my kitchen cabinets and hutch
  • cleaned and organized my medicine cabinet and bathroom storage
  • cleaned and organized my front hall, including setting up a “landing strip” to make leaving in the morning and settling in at the end of the day easier
  • cleaned and organized my bedroom shelves
  • rotated my mattress
  • washed my windows
  • framed several pictures and hung most of them
  • made a giant list of tasks for the rest of the year
  • started buying myself flowers every week
  • threw out a TON of stuff
  • donated another ton of stuff
  • donated books to school
  • donated books to Books Through Bars
  • learned the proper way to clean my hardwood floors
  • threw a party!

There’s still a lot of work to do around here (2 more closets to clean and organize, to say nothing of my craft stash in the basement!), but I continue to marvel at everything I accomplished.  On my way home tonight, I was feeling a little sorry for myself because I have to clean house to prep for writers’ group tomorrow … only to get home and remember: there really isn’t all that much to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Apartment Therapy!


You can find the rest of the day’s slices at Two Writing Teachers!



16 thoughts on “Home Remedy (SOLSC 23)

  1. Wow…you’ve been a busy bee! I need to do a lot of the things on that list of yours, but I think I should start with organizing my clothes closet first. You’ve inspired me. I think I’ll do it today since it’s a rainy day anyhow.


  2. Paul

    This is a great exercise — the connection between one’s surroundings and one’s emotional mindset is not to be undervalued! I live in a relatively small space, so these things quickly become imperatives; I purge and rearrange and resort regularly, as I don’t have the luxury of doing otherwise! Have been doing that yesterday and today, actually — spring cleaning, even though it’s -15 and the world is a snowswept mess…


    1. For all that my current place is almost twice the size of my old apartment, it’s still relatively small, so I don’t have the crazy, herculean task of taking care of house, but I can sure collect a lot of stuff when I’m not paying attention!

      (I’ll admit to being just a little jealous of your “snowswept mess,” as we’ve have a most lackluster winter. I am surely the only person in New York hoping for a real snowstorm today instead of the messy home commute followed by 50-degree temps tomorrow.)


  3. smashintwo

    Wow…that’s a lot of stuff. I am in the midst of trying to get organized myself. I have let things go. I think my house (as well as my classroom) have become reflections of where I am mentally this year…cluttered. Your post reminds me that it can be done…I just need to start!


    1. I absolutely recommend the assignments from the Apt Therapy cure. They are so manageable. I still can’t believe everything I was able to accomplish. I think I might do a “cure” every 4-6 months!


  4. That’s really amazing! I am equal parts inspired to try the same and intimidated by the idea. The mess in my house is so big and so deep and so tall that I might be better off trying to attack one room per month…


    1. Doing a room a month seems like a great plan. I’m in an easier position than most people I know because I live alone and have both sole responsibility for the mess and sole control over what comes into and goes out of the house. But I think it’s possible to find ways to negotiate the changes with the rest of the family, and even make it fun in terms of systems you create!


  5. Everything else was so internal as to be invisible. But all of it so amazing as to make my home more live-able than it’s been in all the time I’ve lived here.
    The best kind of changes begin with the internal…and hw awesome o have a writers group in your very own home!


  6. Nice! I feel your joy. 🙂 Living space is transformative — I knew this before, but an almost-year of traveling (and living out of a suitcase) has really brought this home (pun intended). It’s so easy to let our homes become more like parking spaces than places of beauty and usefulness. And all the clutter and unused stuff turns into psychic weight (or, at least, barriers to efficiency and comfort!). Good for you for tackling this!


    1. Perfectly said, Lisa! When my house is out of control, so am I. I can’t work, can’t move on anything. I’ve felt fabulous waking up in, living in, coming home to my place since working through these assignments.


  7. I’m in the process of looking for a new apartment. I’m going to have to look into this Apartment Therapy. Let’s get things going on the right foot from the jump start.


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