Sometimes, my house is full of writers. (SOLSC 24)

And those times are good, good times.

Another fabulous afternoon spent with the wonderful women of my writers’ group.  Surgery is going to take me out of commission for at least the next meet-up, so I’m glad I got to have the group over to my house today.  I said to one of the ladies today that this group is like food for me, and that’s true.  I feel so much more myself, so much more awake and able after I’ve had a chance to soak up some of the energy they bring.

When I went to my first VONA workshop in 2010, I couldn’t believe the power of that experience, the electricity that ran through every conversation, every workshop session.  Creating a space for that power here, in my city (and sometimes, like today, in my living room), is a gift I am thankful for every day.

And when the VONA group comes to my house, I pull out the stops a little, cook a full meal, lay out as plush a welcome mat as I am able.  It’s VONA, after all, and what am I to do but give back?  I’m always getting the best end of the bargain.  Prepping a few goodies is the least I can do.

Sometimes my house is full of writers, and that makes my house and my heart a lot richer.


You can see all of today’s slices at Two Writing Teachers.



9 thoughts on “Sometimes, my house is full of writers. (SOLSC 24)

  1. This is something every writer needs, a group of people where you feel understood and because of that can move deeper into finding your voice. I haven’t found that in person(yet:) but your deep appreciation of this group makes me want to hunt for one.


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