Names and Dates (SOLSC 25)

Today I had the singular pleasure of having a little oral surgery.  Because, you see, you can’t have your knee replaced if you have dental problems.  So today I had my “failed root canal” (who knew it was even an option for root canals to fail?) removed and the infection that had taken up residence underneath it treated (again, I have to point out).  Fun times, let me tell you.  Right now I’m feeling very much like I accidentally let someone punch me in the face.  Repeatedly.

The last time I had some dental trouble, my dentist offered me a prescription for vicodin, and I refused it (because I am an idiot).  This time, the dentist didn’t ask, he just gave me the prescription … and I immediately went to get it filled.

I went to the drug store closest to my house, one I don’t usually go to, one where I’ve never used the pharmacy.  I went up to the counter and the woman took my prescriptions and my insurance card.

“What’s your date of birth?”

“September 11th.”

She looks up, smiling.  “Really?  I’m September 12th.”

I smile, too … as much as I can with drug-numbed lips and a wad of gauze in my mouth.  And then I notice her name tag.  “And you’re Tracey … and I’m Stacie.  That’s perfect.” (Imagine me saying all of that but kind of muffle-y and mumble-y.)

“And I’m married to an S-t-a-c-e-y Stacey and his birthday’s September the 13th.”

“Okay, that’s just too weird.”

She laughs.  “I like it.”

Yeah, I like it, too.  How funny and entirely unlikely is that?

And that was funny, but much less funny was having to wait almost three hours to for my drugs to be ready!  But I have them now.  I’ve just taken a pill and I’m waiting for the Stacie’s-face-has-been-pummeled feeling to recede.  In the mean time, I am going to sleep.  I’m no good to anyone feeling like this.  Here’s hoping the hydrocodon (generic for vicodin) get’s me through the worst of this!


Check out today’s drug-free slices at Two Writing Teachers.



9 thoughts on “Names and Dates (SOLSC 25)

  1. luckygurl

    Yikes! Hope your face feels less punched in the morning. Oral surgery suuux! On the bright side, you got a fun and wonderfully written post out of it. 😉


  2. What’s with the no dental problems tied to knee surgery? Another detail you throw in, root canals can go bad? What!? I don’t want to know that, now I will worry. But enough of my thinking, I hope you are feeling better with the help of the drugs. Strange connections and coincidences on this day.


  3. Ouch but glad you got a good story. Letting(despite pain) you still be the wonderful storyteller that you are and I know that counts for something. I hope you are having pleasant dreams and wake up feeling much better.


  4. smashintwo

    Although it was humorous all the coincidences…didn’t you a little want to say, “Great…I’m in pain…FILL MY DRUGS!!” ?? Hope you feel better tomorrow!


  5. Thanks, everyone. I took the pain pill, it kicked in, and I slept like a baby.

    Elsie, your surprise at the connection between my teeth and my knee cannot be greater than my surprise! It was really about the infection that was lurking under my bad root canal (hence the “failure” part). Apparently, you can’t have knee surgery if you have a gum infection. Who knew? I’ve had other surgeries, and no one’s ever asked me to go to the dentist for clearance first, but this time, it was on my knee surgeon’s must-do list.

    And yes, I would have been happy to exchange the discovery of coincidences for the faster-arrival of my drugs!


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