It’s only in my head … (SOLSC 29)

I am tired.  It’s been a long week of deadlines and dental surgery and such like, and there hasn’t been enough time to get enough sleep, and I’m just tired.

Tonight I had the luxury of sitting down to do my slice super early: 9:30pm.  Shocking!  I had an idea and I fleshed it out and hit publish … except not really because somewhere between having the idea and starting to actually type it up I dozed off.  When I woke up and looked at my still-blank screen, I was so confused.  Where was my slice?  And what was my idea again?  Gone.

But it was still early, so I came up with a new idea, got it typed and published … except … yeah, not so much.  Asleep at the wheel yet again.

I think I dream-wrote about six different slices tonight.  I can’t remember a single one of them, but trust me: they were all really, really excellent!

But instead of any of those, you get this one.  This sleepy-girl one … that I’m not even sure I’m really typing even as I type it.  What if I’m asleep right now and even this one is just a dream?


You’ll have to go to Two Writing Teachers to find fully-conscious slices.



6 thoughts on “It’s only in my head … (SOLSC 29)

  1. You were so productive in your dream writing! I trust you are feeling better and recovering from your dental surgery. I believe you that your dream slices were really, really excellent. I believe this because even your sleepy girl one carries your personality amd voice! More pleasant dreams…


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