Test Drive (SOLSC 30)

Almost April and, much to my surprise, I’ve got a poetry form in mind and I’m ready to jump in for an as-much-of-the-month-as-I-can-manage challenge. Wednesday’s unexpected poem and the even more unexpected possibility of having created a new form has inspired me. I won’t be able to write every day — though it might be interesting to see what I’d write while hooked up to my post-surgical morphine drip! — but I want to play around with this form a while, see if it’s as viable as it seemed Wednesday and Thursday.

And so, I give you the newly named “Arun.” (I was definitely leaning toward the Yoruba words, undecided as to which I liked better, so it was funny to see that they tied in the voting.) April will be a bit of a test drive for the Arun, taking it for a spin around National Poetry Month. This should be interesting. Care to join me?

I’ll also use April to do some homework and find out if this really is a new form — that still seems entirely impossible, but I’m going to try to keep an open mind.

For those who want to play along:

The Arun:
fifteen lines, line length increases by one syllable up to five syllables then repeats

I wonder if I want to be so rigid about the 15 lines.  For some reason that seemed to have the right weight (better than one, better than two, not as long-winded as four …).  I’m open to some — ahem — poetic license on that one.



Check in on this penultimate slicing day at Two Writing Teachers!


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