Birthday Arun (9)

Today my amazing and fabulous niece is 14.  So crazy that she can already be 14.  And yet.  If I had any illusions about how grown she is, going to see her in her school musical last month took care of all that:


Because her birthday is in April, I’ve got a birthday poem for her.

floods in.
On this day,
love came to town,
born in one baby,
brown girl.
On this day
I knew my heart
could fill beyond full.
Is loved —
like water,
like oxygen.
My heart smiles in her.

An Arun: a fifteen-line poem in three sets of five lines. Each set of five lines follows the same syllable structure: starting with one syllable and increasing by one (1/2/3/4/5 — 3x).


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I was trying to remember where that “love like oxygen” idea came from when it suddenly surfaced from the back of my brain … and then I remembered:

Oh my.  How did this song manage to stay in my memory?  And really: did anyone ever find these guys attractive?  Anyone?


8 thoughts on “Birthday Arun (9)

  1. Tuesday was my son’s birthday too. As I read your poem, I substituted several words in my head and it fit perfectly for my son. He is loved more than oxygen, but I didn’t know how to say it. Thanks for giving me the words to fill my heart.


  2. The poem is lovely, and so is your niece. I love the line “On this day
    I knew my heart could fill beyond full.” I echo Elsie, above, you gave words to something I feel, but did not kow h ow to say.


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