Coming up for A.I.R.

Is anyone surprised that the thing bringing me back to my blog is my comic?  Episode 2 is here, folks!  If you’ve read this blog for more than a minute, you’ll recognize the content from my post, Early Learning. But now with funny drawings!

I’m very happy with one particular thing about this episode: my drawing is getting better, which is fun to see.  I worked pretty hard on this one, and I’ve started reading the excellent comics text books I have on “permanent borrow” from the library (no, I haven’t stolen them, I just keep renewing them … as no one else seems to want them, I have no guilt about this at all).*  I’ve mapped out a much more complete set of episodes, enough that I think this will be some kind of graphic memoir when I’m done a hundred years from now.  That’s kind of fun.

There are some things that I don’t like about this episode: I’ve fallen back into my too text-y habits.  Really, this episode is more like a picture book than a comic.  So much text!  I have to work on that.  Also, there’s a page that’s full-on digression, a page I really should have deleted but just couldn’t.  And I can see it happening with one of the episodes I’m working on right now.  A much bigger digression that I think I’m going to have to part with.  We’ll see.

I think I have to change the title, however, and that makes me sad.  I really like the title.  But after putting out the first episode, I found a blog with the same name.  It doesn’t seem so active, but it’s out there.  And, while I know there’s no copyright on title, it still feels weird knowing she’s out there and that she thought of it first.  Yes, I thought of it organically — hadn’t heard of her blog first — and I’ve been saying it for years when I’ve told these stories, but still.  So I have to think about that some more.

In the mean time, here’s Episode 2!!







I so welcome your comments and feedback.  This is still a very new process/medium for me, so anything you have to offer is entirely welcome!

* Well, okay, clearly I have a little guilt or I wouldn’t need to say that, right?  Hmm …

18 thoughts on “Coming up for A.I.R.

  1. Love, love, love it. There are no rules on words in comics. Maybe your comic is more of a graphic novel. But whatever you call it, it is a wonderful and amazing story. Love your illustrations and your use of the English language. I want more.


  2. This is really great. I remember reading your earlier post about your kindergarten experience, and you friend there–it stuck with me. I think this version is also going to stick. Adding visuals to text is so powerful. Excellent work.

    I did have a moment of confusion when first seeing Michael. You’d just introduced your brother, and I didn’t immediately notice the differences in boys between that panel, and the prayer panel. I think it’s because the checkered shirt was more salient to me than the hair. Was that a uniform, or would it be possible to represent the 2 boys with different shirts? Or maybe include a little arrow label to Michael like you did in the panel with Tony? Just a thought.

    By the way, I especially love that panel of little you with all the thought bubbles reflecting on what Michael said. So effective, and visually appealing.


    1. Oh, such a good point, Alejna! Yes, we wore uniforms, and I can totally see how Michael need some introduction. I’ll go back and add a little detail.

      The “Hand of God” panel is maybe my favorite in the piece. I liked thinking my way through how to make that one. I’m glad you liked it!


  3. Bravo, my friend. You are honing your skills in this medium and using it to tell a powerful and important story! The combination of words and images held me tightly, thrilled to move through your story with a “happy” ending that left “the Michaels” in the dust. Good for Tony and Cecelia and your love of books and public school? Glad you’re back. I’ve been missing a new post from you in my email box.


  4. i loved reading this, and loved getting to read about a snippet of your childhood. very cool. it read as both a complex & simple story in the best ways of both, if that makes sense. would also love to see what some of our* students would write about after reading this. (*ok neither of us teach right now, but you know what i mean.)
    also, the South Pacific digression was my favorite part, stylistically! (though the hand of god was a close 2nd! i was snorting in laughter, which was nice in a really touching panel).

    can’t wait to read more!


    1. Thanks, Josh! It would be interesting to have our students (hey, they’re always our students, right?) read these. I got some great feedback on Sunday from a couple of young people I met. Maybe once I have a chapbook-sized set of stories we can figure out a way to share it with a class or two …

      And thanks for the South Pacific nod. Even though I felt it was a crazy digression, I also thought the comic didn’t work as well without it, so I’m glad you liked it!


  5. So happy to see these GG, I don’t even know where to start! Being called ‘colored’, wow that brought back some memories. Poignant and yet humorous, you hit all the notes perfectly. Still giggling at your onomatopoeic expression..


    1. I know, that “colored” stopped me, too. When I was first writing this, I was writing “black” and then I realized that was 2013-Stacie swapping out an unsavory word for the one I’d prefer. It was weird to write it every time I put it in. Funny how just writing it down could be so strange for me.


  6. Sonia

    i love this story. And the digressions are not digressive at all, they’re essential and they move the story along. I did have the same problem Alejna did about cnofusing Tony and Michael at first, but I think her suggestion about a little arrow pointing to Michael with his name, like the one for your brother, will solve the problem with very little trouble.


  7. I love this (and I do remember the stories)!! Yes, it’s text-heavy, but I love your words as well as your drawings (fantastic hand 🙂 ), so I’m not complaining. You’re amazing! 🙂


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