Candy or Coal (30 Stories – 5)

Um, yeah … so I kind of ran into a wall of work and deadlines and other business.  And now it’s November, and NaNoWriMo is kicking my butt.  But I’m going to start posting stories again, and keep going till I hit 30.  If that takes six months, so be it.

Candy or Coal

Taking a carriage ride through Central Park was always Miriam’s favorite part of coming to New York.  It didn’t matter how tight her schedule was, she always made time for the hansom cab ride.  This would probably have to be here last trip to the city for a very long time, and she didn’t want to miss her ride.

She stood on the rain mat outside the entrance to her hotel watching the traffic and swinging the new briefcase Kofi had given her back and forth.  She needed to hop on the subway and head downtown.  She pulled her phone and checked the meeting address one more time.  The street number was high enough that she should be able to have a quick ride and still make it on time.

She walked across the street to where the horse-drawn carriages were waiting.  She would have her ride, she would go to the meeting, and she would head for the airport.  She wouldn’t think about the backpack she had delivered in Queens upon arrival the night before, or about the danger she and Kofi were taking, trying to game the system.

She would go home and give Kofi the envelope she’d pick up at the meeting.  She wouldn’t open it until they were together.

“Almost Christmas, Miss,” the carriage driver said, helping her up onto the seat.  “You getting candy or coal in your stocking this year?”

“We’ll see,” she said.  If she made it back to Kofi, it could be candy all the way, a path out of the desert.

“We’ll see,” she said again.

2 thoughts on “Candy or Coal (30 Stories – 5)

  1. woaca2008

    wooh! I am waiting to find out more about this unnamed woman, and what’s in the backpack and in the envelope, and what the system she and Kofi are trying to game.


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