SOL — Heart in My Throat

It’s not a thing I say often. It doesn’t occur to me, even when I have the feelings I associate with the phrase.

But tonight. Tonight I took a cab home from work. I had a big package to carry, and it would have been hard to manage the subway, the bus, and the walk to my door.  So I took a cab.  And I was lucky enough to have a driver who seemed never to have learned the purpose of side mirrors, who seemed to think that switching on his blinker magically opened a path for him. I stopped counting near misses after the tenth one and just closed my eyes and decided to trust — in fate, in divine intervention, in the thing my sister used to say whenever we found ourselves in dicey situations: “Mommy didn’t have us to die like this.”

As for my heart, I much prefer wearing it on my sleeve.

It’s  almost time!  Almost time for the annual Slice of Life Story Challenge over at Two Writing Teachers! Not only does this mean I’ll actually be paying attention to my blog for a change, it means there will be dozens of wonderful bloggers sharing their slices every day for the month of March.  You should join in!  This year, I’m contributing a couple of prizes, so slice every day and you could win one of them!
SOL image 2014

10 thoughts on “SOL — Heart in My Throat

  1. Cab rides do seem to make us rely on higher powers. I always tell myself that the driver has lots of life experience (and I still keep my eyes closed!)
    Happy March slicing – can’t wait!


  2. I feel like that (having to let go and trust the universe or whatever) so often…you describe it perfectly. Permission to borrow “Mommy didn’t have us to die like this”- that’s the best. I would of course use it ON my children- “I didn’t have you so you could die like that”- when they are doing their shenanigans.


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