Back on AIR

Yes, yes, still can’t resist making foolish, pun-laden titles.

I’ve had the 3rd and 4th episodes of my comic completed for ages, but just haven’t gotten my act together to get them properly scanned and uploaded.  And now it’s Black History Month, and Episode 4 is all about black history … but I haven’t posted Episode 3 yet!  Aaack!

Well, now I will.















6 thoughts on “Back on AIR

  1. Wow, so much food for thought here. Now I’m thinking… did I have any teachers of color?! I had two kindergarten teachers, one South Asian, and one from England, and the principal at that school was black. When I moved schools after that, I had a male teacher in third grade, and I also started going to a sixth-grade class for math, and the teacher there was not only a man but black. I think my middle-school teachers were all white, except for my sixth-grade PE teacher, Mr Wong, who didn’t fit into any Asian stereotype I knew of, except for maybe his pronunciation of certain words. In high school I also had an Asian chem teacher, who again fit into no stereotypes I could think of (and was also not a very good teacher). And the assistant track coach was Latino. Now I feel really lucky to have grown up in San Jose!


  2. Whoa. San Jose is WAY different from Westchester County and upstate New York! 🙂

    I love that you saw so many different kinds of people teaching when you grew up. I have to think that makes such a huge difference.


    1. I hope it did! I also had the good fortune to have some creative writing instructors of color (in grad school) — feminist ones, at that — so that I had no idea, until I got to VONA, that anybody was hearing the kinds of things in their writing classes that VONA folks describe.


        1. Here’s a fine example: in the first story I wrote for David Wong Louie’s class, I made the main character a blonde ballet dancer (based on a friend of mine, actually), and he gave good feedback and everything, and then wrote, seemingly as a throwaway, at the bottom of his comment: “Why is she white?” I had never even thought of that question and it blew my mind wide open!


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