One Hand, One Heart

So tired, I’m not sure I know my own name right now.  Day one of the conference is done and gone. And it was good. There were so many stressors today, and some moments when I had to remind myself to breathe deeply and keep moving forward, but all in all, the day was a success.  And today was the hard day, so tomorrow should be a little like cake.

Highlight of the day for me: on the first day, we always end with students reading from the journal we publish each year. The celebration is always fabulous, the women are always amazing.  It’s just plain great.  Tonight was no different.  My favorite moment was the one reader who was overcome when she started reading. Our host — who is also and adult learner — offered to read for her … and then she was overcome. And then the woman stepped back up to the mike to finish her piece but was overcome a second time. And one of her classmates went up and held her hand as she read through the rest of her story.  I love these women.  They always surprise and please me. If all I ever get to say about myself is that I worked on the Women’s Perspectives journal, that might really be enough.

And now, to bed. Have to be back at it in just 7 hours!


You’ll find hundreds more slices over at Two Writing Teachers!

SOL image 2014


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