Simple Simon met a pie man …

It’s been a long week — pushing to get a couple of grant proposals out, saying goodbye to a colleague who’s time at our job has ended, coming up with stories to post every day, trying desperately to make brain space and time for the writing and drawing I need to finish so that I can submit my VONA application

That last has been hardest of all.  I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do for my application, but I couldn’t seem to get it from my head onto the page.  Fox, my sister, gave me some good, get-out-of-my-own-way advice, but I stretched and pulled at that until I created a new difficult task for myself.  Finally last week I had the sketch of an idea mapped out … but then I had no time or energy to work on it.  Meanwhile, the whole business is due tomorrow, and I’m still a LONG way from being ready.  I did a lot of work tonight, however, and that both pleases me and makes me hopeful.

I haven’t been to VONA in two years.  in 2012 I went on a solo writing retreat (two amazing and amazingly productive weeks in Tulum, Mexico … sigh), and last summer was all about recovering from knee surgery, so no VONA for me.  But this year I really want to immerse myself in that magical, golden space again.  I just need a strong application, and I don’t have that yet.

Yet.  I will have one before midnight tomorrow.  I’m determined.

So to make sure I’m able to create that strong application, I’m going to sign off with a little photographic nod to the day:

PIEIn case that silly title didn’t make it clear: it’s Pi Day!*


Please check out the dozens upon dozens of other slices on offer at Two Writing Teachers!

SOL image 2014

* And in case you aren’t familiar with my silly title, it’s from a nursery rhyme.


10 thoughts on “Simple Simon met a pie man …

  1. Ramona

    And those are egg tarts from a Chinese bakery! Good luck tomorrow, hoping you’ll be heading to that magical, golden space again.


    1. You got it in one, Ramona! I work in the edge of Brooklyn’s Chinatown, and that bakery is my first stop when I come up from the subway. A large tea with honey and lemon, a raisin twist, and I’m off to work!


  2. Good luck with your application, & I got the title. We had so much pie brought in today-it was the ‘sweetest’ day! I think it’s great in your busy life that you are still posting! Good going!


  3. Good luck on the application! (And you know I approve of the slices of pie you included in your slice of life post. Okay, so maybe not *slices* of pie. Hints of pie? Mmm, pie.)


  4. Crystal Brooks

    Yummy Pi Day! Keep calm and solve math problem. Great post, I could feel the struggle and the weight of getting the writing to the finish line. Thanks for sharing.


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