Girls Write … Right Here

Every year, Girls Write Now puts on a reading series called Chapters.  Tonight was the first of the four … and Naima and I were in the lineup of readers. There were two other mentor pairs that read together.  The remaining almost-dozen young women read solo pieces. We opened the night with a poem on street harassment, self awareness and self esteem, and ended with a shared mentor pair memoir about food and family relationships. In between were all kinds of things … including the pieces Naima and I wrote about close friendships ending.

Wow, but this was fabulous fun!  The girls read wonderfully, the audience was appreciative, and Amy Fusselman — our guest author for the night– was warm and funny and read a great excerpt from her forthcoming book, Savage Park.  A good time was most definitely had by all.  

I am so honored to be part of this amazing organization, to have the chance to work with these talented, intelligent, funny, and sweet girls.  Can’t wait for Chapters 2, in April (with guest author, Farai Chideya)!


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SOL image 2014


(I know, I know: again with the painfully short post.  But my eyes are closing.  I’ve been trying to write this for over and hour, and keep falling asleep at the wheel.  I’ll try to be a little more expansive over the weekend.)


10 thoughts on “Girls Write … Right Here

  1. No one’s holding you accountable for longer slices than yourself – this perfectly captures a moment, a slice and that’s what it’s all about. Perhaps you’ll come back to it one day, perhaps you won’t, but you wrote today, and that’s all that counts! 🙂 Have a restful sleep!


    1. Ha! Of course you’re right. 🙂 I just had so much I wanted to say about the reading, about the experience of participating with my mentee and the other young women … but sleep had other plans. Fortunately, my mentee and I will be writing a blog post together for GWN, so I’ll get a chance to put some of those thoughts in there!


    1. It’s a wonderful, and wonderfully-well organized group. I’m incredibly impressed with the well-oiled-machine-ness of the operation and the staff’s ability to keep anything about the experience from feeling in any way scripted or over-planned. If you’re in NYC, the application period for mentors is about to open …


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